How To Respond When She Looks At You: What It Really Means

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Alright, let’s talk about what you really need to do when a woman stares at you.

And that doesn’t have to be super long. It can be as little as three seconds or so.

Listen, when a female looks at you for more than three seconds bare with me for a moment…

that’s rarely a coincidence.

If it’s not a coincidence, then what is it? What does it mean?

It means she’s flirting with you. She’s not going to look at you if she’s not interested in you.

That’s just one way of her showing that you’ve got her attention. Women never give their attention to guys they aren’t attracted to.

…the one mistake you need to avoid when she looks at you so you don’t screw things up.

So we’ve seen that when you catch a woman looking at you, it means she’s interested in you.

However, the common mistake guys make that kills the woman’s interest is this…

they look away when she makes eye contact and keeps it for a while. 

You never want to do that and here’s why.

But before we get there, I really understand how it feels like to find yourself in such a situation.

Sometimes, you feel nervous and awkward so you want to look away immediately and break the eye contact.

I get that.

However, you want to gather your balls and keep making eye contact until the girl looks away first.

If you look away immediately, you’re going to blow up your chances with her.

So the next time an attractive woman stares at you, count upto three. If she keeps staring at you lock eyes with her. Don’t break eye contact until she does so. You might want to smile a little bit to loosen things up.

So when a woman looks at you, the last thing you want to do is look away.

It makes you look less attractive to her.

Why? Because it shows her that you lack self-confidence, you’re less assertive and insecure.

Sometimes women do that – locking eyes with guys they find attractive – to test a guy’s confidence. 

The hotter she is, the more she’s likely to keep holding eye contact. And the more you need to signal to her that you’re confident, secure and assertive.


It’s simple.

Attractive women have plenty of options!

What Actions Do You Need To Take When She Keeps Staring At You.

Now that she’s looking at you, should you just gaze in her eyes and that’s all?

Of course not.

Whenever you catch a female staring at you whether it’s in class, supermarket, on the street, wherever it may be – if you like her too – you can either do two things:

  1. Approach her and start a conversation with her. See what she’s up to. You can say something like… “Hi, I saw you over there. I had to come over and say hello. I’m [then say your name]” You might want to do that playfully or in a charming way.
  2.   Non verbally signal to her to come over to you. Then see what happens from there.

That’s it, thanks for reading


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