Impress A Girl Over Text With These 6 Simple Tips

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Impressing a girl over text has more to do with avoiding lame mistakes that girls hate.

It has more to do with separating yourself from all the other guys who are interested in the girl that shall make you noticeable.

So you met that girl and you are asking yourself how you can impress her so that she can feel attracted to you

That’s exactly what I’m going to be showing you.

I’m going to be showing simple tips on how to impress a girl you like over text.

How To Impress The Women You Like Over Text.

Tip #1. Don’t actively try to impress women.

I know what you might be thinking right now.

That sounds counterintuitive, right?

Yes, it seems counterintuitive.

But, it’s very important if you do not try to go out of your way to impress women you like.

“Why?”, you ask.

When you brag or actively try to impress a girl with how awesome you are, you’re just asserting the fact that you’re not actually cool.

If you need to constantly remind girls that you’re a cool guy, they will just look down on you.

A high-value guy who is awesome, and knows who he is, doesn’t worry or need to prove anything to anyone.

The point is, you just need to signal that you are high value to women without you actively showing it or verbally talking about it.

Let your actions speak loudly so that every girl knows that you’re a cool guy.

Don’t spend every other second trying to show her how cool and capable you are. Just do it!

When you actively try to show women how great you are or try to impress other people…

instead of just being great, you’ll be engaging in low-value behaviours.

Constantly trying to brag to a girl over text only proves to her that you’re not confident enough in your skin.

Never send a girl messages like…

• “Hey, you should see my new cool car.”

• “I have just been promoted. I’m going to earn a six-figure income.”

The above statements, or anything close to that, only communicates one thing to the woman- you are a low-value guy who craves her validation.

And that’s is unattractive.

It will push the woman away in no time because the woman will start to lose all the romantic feelings she might have had for you.

Verbalizing the cool stuff you posses also kills the mystery.

You should always let the girl reveal the cool things about you by herself.

An average girl has a lot of guys constantly sending her messages trying to impress her.

If a girl is hot she’ll have so many guys blowing up her phone, and dming her social media.

So when you go ahead and avoid actively trying to impress her, you easily separate yourself from everyone else and increase the chances of her noticing you.

It sort of works like the pull away, she’ll notice your absence more than she’ll notice you being there.

And that is intriguing.

Tip #2. Be unreactive.

If the girl doesn’t text back immediately or when she doesn’t reply to your message at all, don’t show her that you’re bothered by it.

React as if you didn’t even notice it.

If she says she’s going to text you later and she doesn’t, don’t let it get to you.

Unreactivity is a huge sign of dominance and capability.

The more unreactive you are, the more dominant and capable you’re assumed to be.

If she sends you a text that teases or makes fun of you about something you did, respond like it doesn’t even phase you.

When some other guy tries to put you down or makes a douche comment about you, act like it didn’t even bother you because who cares about what some other person thinks.

If a guy is hitting on a girl you like, the worst thing you can do is getting mad or showing the girl that you’re bothered by it.

Treat it like it’s something funny.

After getting back home, you can text her anything like “Hey, you guys would make a cute couple.”

This shows the girl that you’re a confident and secure guy.

And the woman will be surely impressed.

Being unreactive is what will really impress a girl considering you’ll be different from all the other insecure guys who are constantly hitting on the woman and seeking her validation.

So, if there is a woman you want to impress…


Like every single one of her pictures on Instagram or Facebook.

• Always check her out whenever you see her around.

• Compliment on her looks or tell her how she’s hot! More so if you’re doing it with an agenda.

• Give her your attention she hasn’t earned.

Whenever a girl says or does something that can piss me off, I never react to it.

Actually, some girls will do that as a way of testing you.

She wants to see if you are confident in yourself.

The fact is, guys tend to overreact to small things because they aren’t confident and secure in their qualities.

They care too much about what others think of them- a sign of low self-esteem.

So they easily get emotional and defensive when a girl or any other guy says something negative about them.

Act as if you aren’t bothered by what a woman thinks of you.

Tip #3. Be yourself.

Most guys try to put on an act whenever they are in front of a beautiful woman.

In fact, it’s much more effective to just be yourself and assume that the girl will like you anyways because your personality is awesome and there is no way she could reject you.

Being yourself simply means being the best version of yourself and removing all the negative aspects of your personality.

Putting on an act will always feel unnatural and girls will easily see through that.

Again, it will also put a ton of pressure on you which will just make you feel nervous and anxious while interacting with the girl.

Tip #4. Don’t be boring.

Nice guys are guilty of this mistake.

They often send girls boring texts and engage in predictable conversations with women.

And since the bigger population of men are nice guys, when you don’t be boring with women you will easily stand out.

Nice guys engage in a lot of logical conversations with girls. They talk about business, politics, and how an economy is performing.

Sometimes he may even brag on how much money he makes. Meaning he can buy nice things for the girl.

Seeking a girl’s approval kills a woman’s attraction to you because it communicates neediness and low value.

If you were a guy of high value, she would be the one seeking your validation.

Like I said earlier, you should let the woman discover the cool things about you by herself.

If you try to engage in a lot of small talk and logical conversations with women, you’ll look predictable because that’s exactly what the majority of guys are doing.

Girls naturally love emotionally relevant conversations.

The next time you meet a group of women chatting, take time to notice the kind of topics they talk about.

Will they be about politics, money, religion, sports, business? Not at all.

They will often talk about less logical and more emotionally relevant topics like…

Cooking, childhood memories, celebrity gossip, entertainment, among others.

So you may want to limit the use of heavy and logical topics in your messages with girls.

Tip #5. Become an expert at something.

When you’re an expert in something, you instantly become an alpha male in that area.

Girls will find you attractive and will feel impressed if you’re an expert in a particular area.

So share the knowledge that you possess with the girl. However, you shouldn’t bore her.

Tell her interesting things about your area of expertise.

On that note, I would highly encourage you to become an expert on something, if you haven’t done that already.

Your field of expertise won’t matter. Whether it’s real estate, history, science, geography, and so on.

Tip #6. Be a challenge.

When a girl views you as a challenge, she will feel excited by you instead of being bored.

One way of being a challenge with women is by learning to say NO!

So the next time a girl does something that you don’t want, say no to her.


You can say something different from what the woman suggests.

Girls are never impressed by men who are spineless and pushovers.

The point is, whenever you go along with whatever a woman suggests, she will start to say no to you more often.

Girls, especially good looking ones, are used to guys who are willing to do anything she wants for her to date them.

So if you show her that you aren’t willing to put up with her bs, she will feel impressed by it because you’re being different from all the guys she meets.

So, friends, that’s it.

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