Impress Your Female Coworker And Win Her Over- A Step-by-Step Guide

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There is a hot female colleague that you feel attracted to.

You would want to know how to impress her so that you can win her over, right?

If you’re ready to;

• Know whether or not it’s a good idea to date or flirt with women at your job.

• Learn how to impress that beautiful colleague you like.

• Get the signs of a female coworker who likes you.

• Know what to do if your female colleague likes you.

If you would like to know all, or any, of the above, read on!

Is It A Good Idea To Date Your Workmate?

Answer: It’s a good idea. A workplace is one of the best places where people fall in love because they are around each other for a prolonged amount of time. Women at your workplace will be more receptive to the idea, for example, of going on a date with you because of familiarity and comfort.

When you stop and think about it, a considerable number of good relationships start in the workplace.

But obviously, it also depends.

To figure out whether it’s a good idea dating your female colleague or not, you need to consider the circumstances of your job by weighing the pros versus the cons.

For example, if you’re trying to seduce a woman whom you work with yet, it isn’t allowed by your bosses, you’ll be wasting your time!

You will find yourself in the position of choosing between your job and that hot colleague you’re interested in.

Some jobs allow workers to date while others discourage it for matters of productivity.

What are the cons of dating girls at your workplace?

• You have to take it lightly. When you come off too strong and aggressive, you can easily trigger sexual harassment and lose your job.

• Some of your workmates, and worse bosses, could be interested in the girl too. So you might end up in unnecessary drama which can affect your productivity, if not losing your job.

• If you’re dating your subordinate, it will affect your job productivity and teamwork.


The woman might take advantage of the relationship by reporting to work late and neglecting some of her assignments, for example.

Why? Because she knows that you won’t have the guts to openly reprimand her. And the other colleagues under your supervision might start to protest the unfair treatment.

I don’t want you to take this information and think, “Oh! I need to seduce more women at workk!”

For most of us, we shouldn’t put too much effort into dating female colleagues. It will be ideal if you just let your female workmates chase you or come to you.

Nonetheless, you should be receptive to meeting women at your job.

How To Impress A Female Workmate And Win Her Over.

The following tips can really work for you even with attracting girls out of your workplace.

#1. Don’t try to actively impress her.

When you find yourself asking a question, “How can I impress this female colleague?”.

In response, you may brag to her about how much you earn at your job position or how cool your house is, thinking that’s what it takes to impress a woman and get her to feel attracted to you.

After all, almost everyone you told about your cool house felt impressed. Plus you’ve been reading lately that women find successful men attractive.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

But it doesn’t work that way.

Let me explain that for a second.

Women want to know the cool things about you by themselves without you actively trying to.

Let me pull back the curtain on a surprising truth about female attraction and seduction.

Women find successful men attractive, but that doesn’t mean you should verbally or directly reveal the cool things about you.

Doing so will make most women feel less attracted to you.

Why? Because, first, trying to impress a woman by bragging comes from a very wrong mindset- that you need to earn her validation and approval.

It shows neediness and low value. And that will push the woman away.

If you weren’t needing her validation, you wouldn’t be talking about the fact that you earn a six-figure income.

Since you want to be the one with a higher value than the girl, you should let her be the one to impress you.

Now, there are some women out there who will feel flattered when you tell them that you earn a huge salary.

But guess what, those are gold diggers. And I don’t think those are the kind of women you would want to associate yourself with.

If you want to date such women, I have no hate for you.

But, just know that they will be 100% after your money, and be prepared when they dump you if they get an opportunity of dating some random dude who earns more than you do.

Secondly, actively trying to show your hot colleague that you’re an awesome dude just asserts the fact that you aren’t.

High-value guys just don’t go around speaking loudly so that everyone knows that they are badass.

Their actions speak for themselves. And girls are impressed by that!

Thirdly, revealing all the cool things about you to a girl kills the mystery.

That hot receptionist you tried to impress will never think about you because, why would she? She knows everything about you.

If your female colleague knows a little about you, it will trigger her curiosity. So, she’ll always be wondering and thinking about you.

And remember this bro, when a woman is always thinking about you she will easily fall in love with you. So that winning her over will be effortless.

That being said, you shouldn’t misunderstand me.

More successful men are more attractive to women than their less successful counterparts, yes.

But it’s more than just success. In fact, the real reason women find successful men more attractive isn’t their success.

For example, we have all met men who are successful but struggle attracting women.

If it isn’t the success that attracts women in the long run, then what is it?

It is the traits responsible for success. That’s what attracts women to successful men.

You might what to ask me, “what are some of those traits?” The traits are confidence and drive.

So a woman will feel attracted to a guy who is highly confident and self-driven even if he doesn’t earn that much.

Nonetheless, almost any highly driven and confident man ends up becoming successful and high value.

Obviously, a woman will feel turned off when a successful guy starts to brag about how awesome he is.

Why? Because it communicates that he lacks self-confidence and low value.

Clearly, no matter how you feel about your female colleague, never say things like…

• I’m going to receive a six-figure income after my promotion.

• See my new phone. It cost me a thousand dollars.

• You should come and check out my cool house.

• Have you seen the cool car I’ve just bought.

As I said, you need to let the woman reveal the awesome things you have by herself.

For example, let her see your cool house when you invite her to your place after hanging out with her.

That way she’ll feel impressed and fall in love with you very fast because you never bragged about it like all the last guys she went out with.

#2. Be dominant.

Women find dominant men attractive.

But that doesn’t mean that you should go around backing at your workmates just to prove how dominant you are.

What does it mean to be dominant in order to attract the opposite sex?

The best sign of dominance is being unreactive.

The more unreactive you are, the more dominant your hot female colleagues will assume you to be.

If a workmate makes a witty comment about you, show him or her that you aren’t phased.

When someone calls your name, turn your head slowly, but not fast and immediately.

In many cases, reactivity springs from a place of insecurity. A huge turn off for women.

Think for a moment, though. “How many times have you become angry and argued with a workmate because they said something nasty about you or for backbiting you?”

A man who is secure in himself and his abilities is never phased by what others think of him.

He is a high-value guy who has more important things to do and think about.

You can also subtly communicate your dominance to female colleagues by;

• Talking slow. Avoid a high pitched voice tonality and mumbling.

• Slowing down your movements.

• Keeping strong eye contact with a female colleague you feel attracted to.

• Walking slowly with shoulder wide steps.

• Taking up space with your body while sitting down.

• Feeling relaxed most of the time.

#3. Work on your appearance.

A man who looks good and dressed well

Do your looks matter to women?

Yes, they do. At least to some extent. When you’re good looking, women will be more receptive to you at the start.

You’ll have more women checking you and starting short conversations with you.

Keep in mind that your looks won’t matter to women like their looks matter to you. That can be easily misunderstood.

The point is don’t get carried away by how you look. But it will help you impress more of your female colleagues nonetheless.

So how can you improve your looks?

Dress well. If you’re looking to improve your looks and impress your workmates with less cost, check out this guide.

Work out and get that V-shape outlook that girls find attractive.

If you want to lose some weight, focus on high-intensity interval training exercises of 15-20 minutes. Weight lifting or resistance training will help you gain more muscle.

Another good thing about exercise is it increases your self-confidence which makes you look more attractive.

Get a nice haircut.

Improve on your hygiene. 

#4. Don’t shower her with compliments.

If you take notice, you’ll find out that a lot of your male workmates keep giving hot female colleagues compliments all the time.

And you might be doing the same! But that’s a huge mistake.

Why? Because you will be giving her free attention.

Your male attention to a woman is one of the most powerful dating weapons that you have as a man.

Always remember that. Women have sex with you or feel attracted to you just to get your male attention.

So if you give her your attention without having earned it, by showering her with compliments, she will take it for granted.

You’ll have given her validation, but you will have nothing in return. 

Instead, she’ll chase after your workmates who aren’t giving her a lot of attention.

Just think of giving her free attention as giving money to a random person before receiving a product yet, you can never demand the money back. You’ll get scammed.

Other behaviours, that give her free attention, you need to avoid;

• Liking all her pics on social media.

• Complimenting on every other pic she posts.

• Blowing up her phone with messages.

Signs Your Workmate Feels Attracted To You.

Now you know how to impress your workmate. So how do you know if she’s truly impressed?

Let’s get straight to it.

• When you gaze into her eyes, she keeps eye contact. At that point, keep making eye contact until she breaks it first. It shows confidence.

• She gets excuses to start conversations with you.

• While talking to you, she faces her entire body towards you. Sometimes she opens up her body. A sign that she’s paying you her total attention.

• She gets very close to you. Girls are highly conscious of their personal spaces. So it won’t be an accident if she lets you into it.

• The female colleague who feels attracted to you may touch you very often. And when you touch her back, she doesn’t pull away from your touch.

• She compliments you on anything.

• Your female workmate pays you total attention while talking to her. She seems not to be distracted by things and workmates around.

• She teases you playfully.

• The woman feels nervous around you.

• She laughs hard at your mildly witty statements.

• The girl keeps having a genuine smile around you.

You must look at several cues before you draw any conclusions.

What To Do If Your Workmate Likes You. (And You Like Her)

So she feels attracted to you, now what?

This is where most guys screw things up.

When your female colleague likes you, and you feel attracted to her too, you’ll have to ask her to hang out on a date. Ask her out for a specific activity on a specific day and time. You can say or text her something like “hey, I always grab a coffee on Saturday evenings, I would love it if you join me.”

A man on a date with a female workmate

You need to hit the iron while it’s still hot. Whatever move you chose to make, you have to make it as soon as possible.

If you delay, the girl may lose interest, or worse, you get friend-zoned. That can easily happen since you spend a lot of time together at work.

Again asking her to hang out will help you know whether the girl is truly interested in you.

Truth be told, your female colleague may show most of the above signs of interest, but not interested in dating or having sex with you.

Why? Because she could be after your male attention.

Like I said earlier, male attention is like an addictive drug to some women.


She could be just leading you on.

That’s it, friends!



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