Keep A Text Conversation Going With Her: 5 Tips With Examples

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You are texting the girl and you immediately freeze at the start of the conversation.

Or, you text a girl and you start wondering what you should text her next.

You send a text message and the girl doesn’t respond at all or takes too long to respond.

Well, am going to show you how you can keep a conversation going with a girl over text.

How can you keep a conversation going with a girl over text?

If you want to keep a conversation going over text effortlessly, you must make sure that your text conversations are exciting, fun and interesting. The girl has to feel comfortable whilst texting you.

You have to make sure that the girl will find your text conversations worth her time.

#1. Send her open-ended questions

If you ask a girl an open-ended question, it will allow her to give a detailed answer.

This will also allow you to come into the conversation and share your opinion.

You must avoid asking a girl questions that require her to give short responses.

When a girl gives short responses, it becomes hard for you to join in the conversation to share her opinion.

For example, you should limit or even avoid questions like “hi”, “how was your day?”, “How are you?”, “Good morning?” “Hey, you there!”, “Watsapp”.

Are you that predictable?


Leave all such statements for sixth graders.

Just put yourself in a hot girl’s shoes. You receive hundreds of messages from a ton of guys every single day, all the time.

If you were a hot girl getting lots of attention, would you be willing to keep a conversation going with a guy who texts you “hi” all the time?


Those questions prevent a conversation from going because they are boring.

A girl will never be excited about participating in such a conversation.

Chances are high that a girl will leave you on red if you keep asking such boring questions.

“But you’re just telling me what I shouldn’t do! What should I do”?

 Relax, bro! I’m going to give you the answer right now, for FREE.

Ask open-ended questions.

Questions like;

  • “What are you up to”?
  • “What is the most exciting thing you’ve done this week”?
  • “What can any guy like about you besides being gorgeous”?

However, open-ended questions MUST be emotionally relevant.

Girls love and find conversations that are emotionally relevant exciting and fun. Girls do not enjoy engaging in logical conversations.

The surest way to bore a girl is by texting her anything about logical and heavy topics like politics, religion and science.

You should never ask a girl logical open-ended questions like “what do you think is the difference between ios and android?” or “Why do you think Ferrari cars are less/more expensive Lamborghini cars?”

Save those for your nerdy friends.

You have to avoid and/or limit logical conversations with girls. Most girls totally have no idea about such topics. They often find them boring.

Ask girls questions about emotional topics and things like food, music, Vacations, childhood memories.

You can send a girl a text like “You seem to like Drake music. What do you like about him?” or “what is your most embarrassing childhood memory?” or “who is your most favourite local music artist and why?”.

#2. Make intriguing statements

Intriguing statements make the girl curious. It will easily make the girl invest in your conversations.

You can use statements like, “You won’t believe …blah blah” When you make such a statement, the girl will get excited and ask you what it was.

For example, instead of just blatantly saying “I had an accident when I knocked a wild animal”.

You can start by saying something like “You won’t believe what happened to me when I was driving back home”

#3. Give the girl some space.

You need to avoid texting the girl all the time.

Otherwise, your conversations will easily die out and soon become boring.

You have to give the girl space so that the next time you text her, she will be very eager to keep the text conversation going.

When you keep texting with the girl back and forth and replying immediately every time she texts you, it makes you look too available.

It kills scarcity. You will look less valuable in the girl’s eyes.

If you show a girl that you are a high-value guy who has a lot of cool things going on in his life and not too available, she will always be eager to keep the conversation going every time you text her.

#4. Be carefree.

If you want to keep a conversation flowing with a girl over text, you should never overthink about what you need to text a girl.

You should not be too attached to the outcome. You should never be phased, whether a girl replies to your text or not.

If you have such a mindset, then keeping a conversation going over text will seem easy because you naturally give off that fun and non-needy vibe that girls find irresistible.

A girl will enjoy replying to every text you send her immediately because you are fun to talk to.

I used to make the mistake of overthinking about every text I wanted to send a girl.

So whenever I sent a text, it screamed neediness.

Girls didn’t want to message me back and keep our conversations going over text because I was basing my value and validation on whether they replied to me or not.

You have to be ok with the possibility that girls will sometimes ghost you. That will put less pressure on you.

Say what you want. Text her because you want to talk to her not because you need her approval and validation.

Once you have this carefree vibe, your ability to keep a conversation going with a girl over text will improve drastically.

#5. Be humorous and make funny statements.

A woman laughing over a text message

When you make funny comments and send a girl funny texts, she will be more likely to invest in your conversations.

You need to send girls texts that are light-hearted and witty if you want them to invest in your text conversations.

You need to separate yourself from 95% of the guys out there.

You can say statements like “ooh, I can’t believe you are already crushing on me”.

Basically, you need to frame your conversations like the girl is chasing you.

A girl will be always eager to engage in text conversations with you because girls feel comfortable around guys who have a sense of humour.

So you should not take your text conversations with girls too seriously and that of a big deal.


With that said, one thing you should never forget is that texting should be used as a means to set up a one on one meet up with the girl.

Besides, you can’t kiss a girl or hook up with a girl over text.

Never make the mistake of engaging in meaningless conversations with a girl by texting the girl back and forth all the time.

If you notice that the girl is replying to your texts immediately and you are texting back and forth, it’s time to seal the deal by asking the girl to hang out.

If you want to keep a conversation going with a girl over text, in summary

  1. Send her open-ended questions.
  2. Make intriguing statements.
  3. Give the girl some space.
  4. Be carefree.
  5. Be humorous and make funny statements.


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