Keep A Girl’s Attention Over Text With These 7 Simple Tips

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So you’ve been texting a girl for weeks but she stopped texting all of a sudden.

Now you’re thinking “what did I do wrong?”


You’re texting a hot girl who so many guys are interested in, you will be probably asking yourself…

“How can I keep her attention?

If a girl is hot, she will have a ton of attention from a good number of guys.

She will have a big number of guys texting her too.

So you will need to separate yourself from all the guys pursuing her if you want to keep her attention locked on to you.

And that’s what this article is all about.

How To Keep A Girl’s Attention Over Text

Let’s get straight to business.

#1. Text shortly after getting her number.

After getting a girl’s number, you’ll need to text her the same day.

Don’t wait for 3 or more days before you text her.

Or else, she may forget about you or lose interest.

Texting the girl immediately after getting her number will help you to keep the momentum going.

It will keep the girl remembering the good impression of you.

#2. Resist the temptation to text her all the time.

If a girl is beautiful, fun to hang around and interested in you it will always be tempting to reach out to her every other minute.

But this is a huge mistake.


It makes you too available.

It can make the girl lose interest in you.

You have to give the girl space to think and wonder about you.

She needs to have time to miss you.

That’s when you’ll keep her total attention.

Secondly, when you keep texting the woman all the time, she will start to wonder if you have a life.

And this alone can make her lose interest in you.

Look, women don’t want to feel like they are the best coolest thing in your life.

So while you are texting her and the conversation is getting a little bit heated, it could be the best time to disappear.

This will keep her wanting more and thinking about you.

#3. Don’t text back immediately.

If you have just met a girl, you will want to take your time before you reply to her texts.

It will keep her attention on you because you aren’t like other guys who are always eager to respond to her texts.

Most guys, when they get a text message from a beautiful woman they will feel so excited and keep texting back shortly.

If a woman replies to your messages after hours, it will make you look desperate for her attention when you respond to her texts seconds after.

I usually reciprocate the girls’ frequency of texting.

I will take hours to reply to her texts if that’s what it takes her.

Most times, I don’t even have to think about it because I’m often too busy to do it.

So I text back when I feel free, but I may also forget to reply occasionally.

The point is, you shouldn’t make texting girls a big deal. Stay busy pursuing your goals.

You don’t want to make the girl feel like you don’t have cool things happening in your life and that you’re always sitting around waiting for her text.

#4. Let your texts be spontaneous and exciting.

  • How are you?
  • How was your evening?
  • Hi!
  • Whatsapp.

If a girl isn’t so interested in you, she will be more likely to feel bored and ignore your text.

Your texts need to elicit curiosity.

For example, before sending a girl a text, you can first send her something like…

“You won’t believe blah blah blah”

Don’t make your texts look predictable.

If the girl is good looking, she will be receiving a lot of boring texts from so many guys.

So when you send her “helo”, you won’t have separated yourself from all the guys she ignores.

#5. Text her enough times.

When I said that you shouldn’t be texting the girl all the time, I didn’t mean you take weeks and months before texting her.

If you take too long without texting a girl, she will lose interest and will stop caring.

As I said, you need to keep the momentum going.

#6. Let her text first.

Sometimes, I let girls I’m interested in text me first.

It creates a frame that we are both interested in each other.

If you are always the one who’s texting her first, it shows that you are more interested in her than she is in you.

Soon, she will begin to ignore your texts.

After all, you’re more interested.

Secondly, it lets the girl invest in you. It means that she will be investing her time and effort in you.

And this is what you want.

She will value you more and it will keep her interested in you.

People value their investments.

#7. Avoid long and heavy texts.

If you send the girl long and explicit texts, she will feel overwhelmed. So she will ignore your texts.

Your texts need to be short, fun, and light-hearted.

Avoid long and serious conversations over text. Keep them for your in-person conversations.

Texting is a casual and informal form of communication.

Essentially, it should be used to set updates.

#8. Flirt with the girl.

Flirting with the girl over text will keep her attention locked on you because it will separate you from so many guys who text her.

A good number of guys don’t know how to flirt with girls.

The best way I flirt with girls is by playfully teasing them.

I tease them on their mannerisms and what they say.

Another way of teasing girls over text by framing your interaction as if she is chasing you.

A text message of a guy flirting with a girl

Teasing will furthermore separate you from so many other guys interested in her because you won’t be putting her on a pedestal.

So many guys never tease girls they are interested in for fear of offending the girl.

When you go ahead to tease her, it will show her that you’re confident and bold.

In conclusion

Keeping a girl’s attention over text has more to do with separating yourself from all the guys who are interested in her.

It has a lot to do with avoiding blunders that so many guys make in texting.

If you follow the above tips, you will see a dramatic improvement in your texting game

That’s it friends!

How can you keep a girls attention over text, in summary?

  • The text quickly after getting her number.
  • Don’t over text.
  • Avoid texting back immediately.
  • Let your texts be spontaneous and exciting.
  • Text her enough to keep her interested.
  • Let her text you first occasionally.
  • Your texts need to be short, fun, and light-hearted.
  • Flirt with her.

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