Know What To Talk About With Her On Your First Tinder Date

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If you’re like most guys, you will probably be making the following mistakes during your conversations on your first tinder date;

Engaging in a lot of small talk.

• Bragging and trying to impress the girl.

• Acting awkward in moments of silence.

• Running out of things to talk about with the girl on your first tinder date.

But for you my friend, you’re in luck because I’m going to be showing you;

• How never to run out of things to say on your first tinder date.

• How to have long and fascinating conversations with the girl on a first Tinder date.

• How to connect with a girl on the first Tinder date.

• Topics that girls love and that will keep her talking for long. These are the topics that you’ll need to talk about.

• Topics you will need to avoid that girls hate.

If you want to keep your conversations with a girl on your first Tinder date long, and never to seem like you’ve run out of things to say then, you’ll need to let the girl do the majority of the talking as you do the bulk of the listening. You have to talk about emotionally relevant topics. You will need to let the girl talk about her life, who she is, who she was, what lights her up, and what scares the hell out of her. You will also have to come into the conversation and share A LITTLE about your life, what motivates you, what scares you, or who you are as a person, so that, the date doesn’t feel like an interview.

We shall look at the details of what the above means with suitable illustrations where necessary.

Just keep reading!

The Most Important Things On Your First Date.

1. To know more about the girl.

This is the main reason you asked the girl out to begin with.

On your first Tinder date with the girl, you will have to see if you and girl are compatible.

You get to know if you and the girl are compatible by looking at the following things to see if they match yours.

Her goals, and ambitions in life.

• What motivates her.

• Her values, and what she believes in.

• Her passions in life.

• The girl’s family background.

Essentially, you’ll want to see that she has no red flags!

2. Building an emotional connection.

The reason you had to leave texting to meet up with the girl in person was that you couldn’t build an emotional connection with the girl online.

Why would you have to build an emotional connection with the girl on your first Tinder date?

So, you can have the girl keep thinking about you after your first date.

• To increase the likelihood of her meeting up with you for a second date.

• Hooking up with the girl and turning the girl into your girlfriend will be much easier.

What Should You Talk About With The Girl On Your First Tinder Date?

You have to talk about emotionally relevant topics.

It’s as simple as that.

These are kinds of topics that girls find fascinating, and well conversant with.

Such topics include.

• Celebrity Gossip.

• Her childhood memories like the teacher she had a crush on, her embarrassing childhood memories, or her exciting childhood memories.

• Fashion.

• Entertainment. Movies and music.

• Her passions in life.

• Her goals in life.

• Food and cooking.

• Other topics related to an industry dominated, or liked by lots of women.

If you center your conversations around emotionally relevant topics that women find fascinating, you will have the girl talking a lot.

And all you will have to do is pay attention.

As I said, this is exactly what you want to be doing while talking with a girl on your first Tinder date – doing the majority of the listening!

That being said, you will need to come in to share a few of your own experiences.

This will help you to validate the girl’s feelings and experiences so that she can feel emotionally connected to you.

For example, if she talks about her embarrassing childhood memory, then you may come in to share a similar experience – a moment you felt embarrassed when you were still a child!

On the other hand, you need to avoid asking the girl questions about heavy, and too logical topics.

Such topics are boring to most girls.

If you want your conversations with a girl on your first tinder date to be full of awkward silences, keep bringing them up.

Questions you might what to ask a girl during your first Tinder date.

These questions have to be open-ended.

Tell me about your most embarrassing childhood memory?

• What is the exciting trip you’ve ever gone to?

• What is your greatest accomplishment in life?

• Why did you match me on Tinder? What did you attractive about me?

• What do you love doing for fun?

• Tell me about your childhood crush.

• What do you love doing for fun?

• Where is the best place you’ve ever lived.

How To Never Run Out Of Things To Say While Talking To A Girl On Your First Tinder Date.

#1. Don’t filter yourself.

If you want not to seem like you don’t have what to talk about on your first date with a girl from tinder – say whatever crosses your mind.

Don’t overthink what you have to say….

So long as it is about a topic that is emotionally relevant and not meant to offend the girl in any way.

Trust me, the girl will love it.

And she’ll develop a ton of romantic feelings for you.

It’s rare for girls to meet a guy who’s willing to say whatever he wants without the fear of sounding stupid.

It shows self-confidence.

Again, what is making it seem like you lack what to say to a girl from tinder on your first date is you aren’t socially vibing – you are stuck in your head.

You will get out of your head, and socially vibe only if you’re willing not to over-analyze yourself.

So, from now on practice saying whatever you want to without fear of being judged.

#2. Focus on having fun during your first Tinder date.

Don’t put a lot of focus on;

Whether or not the girl will like you.

• What will happen after your first date.

• What you should say for the girl to like you, and not to sound stupid.

• What you will need to do to impress the girl and persuade her to like you – you don’t need to impress the girl on your first Tinder date.

Although all the above things matter to some extent, they will be much more likely to just make you stuck in your head.

Focusing too much on the outcome of your first date will make you freeze, feel nervous, and be uptight around the girl seeming like you have absolutely nothing to share.

So, put less focus on the outcome of your first date and focus more on having fun!

It will help to project a fun vibe that the girl will take up too.

The girl will take up your fun vibe because emotions are contagious.

That means if you’re uptight, and feeling nervous on your date, the girl will feel nervous, and bored.

On the other hand, when you focus on having pleasure on your first Tinder date, the girl will have fun too.

Girls love having fun on first dates.

If the girl does have fun on your first date, it will mean that your first date will have gone well, and she’ll be much more likely to want to meet up for a second date.

Any girl will want to spend time with a guy who is fun to be around.

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl On Your First Tinder Date.

A guy and a girl on a first date


You can start the conversation using small talk.

Small talk enables you to find out topics that make the girl tick.

As you’re doing small talk, try to see when the girl feels excited.

At this point, you can ask the girl an open-ended question about the topic that is making her feel energetic.

This will help you to transition from small talk to meaningful deep topics.


You can start by sharing about your personal experiences like what happened to you as you were coming to meet her, an experience that made you feel excited, or any other personal story about an emotionally relevant topic.

This will help you out in two ways;

• It will get the girl warmed up.

• The girl will jump in to share a similar experience, or you can use your story to ask the girl an open-ended question.

For example, if you share your most exciting experience in a week, you can as well ask her something like…

“what’s the most exciting moment you’ve had this year so far?”


“What’s that one thing that you are never going to forget about this year?”

How To Act During Moments Of Silence On Your First Tinder Date.

You should embrace moments of silence during your conversations with a girl on a first date.

So long as they aren’t too many.

Never feel like you always have to come in to kill the moments of silence by restarting conversations shortly after you notice them.

Why are moments of silence important?

Moments of silence are important in your conversations with girls because they provide you with an opportunity to flirt with the girl whilst displaying confidence.

Now, this is what you need to do if a conversation quiets during a first date.

Whenever your conversation with a girl on a first date lulls, make strong eye contact with her then, hold your gaze with a smirk on your face. Wait until the girl looks away before you break eye contact, and restart the conversation. If the girl giggles and submissively looks down, it will be a huge sign she’s feeling attracted to you. You can also this opportunity to playfully tease the girl. You can say to her something like “Stop staring at me with that look” with a playful voice tonality.

Secondly, moments of silence will help you to test and see if the girl is interested in you.

How? I can feel you ask.

When the conversation on your first date with a girl you met on tinder lulls, don’t try to restart it but wait to see if the girl will resume the conversation. If she does, it will show that the girl is interested in you, and your interaction. It will also help you to let the girl invest in your first date.

So, never feel like you need to avoid any moment of silence that comes up whenever you’re having a conversation with a girl on your first date.

Neither should you feel disturbed by it.

In conclusion.

Having what to talk about with a girl, and having long conversations with a girl on your first Tinder date isn’t supposed to be hard so long as you nail the basics.

Talk about emotionally relevant topics, let the girl do a lot of the talking as you do the majority of the listening, and focus on having fun on your date.

If you put the above three into practice, chances are you’re never going to run out of things to say on your first date with a girl.

And that’s it, my friend.

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