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The coolest thing I love about harmony is their personality test.

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While joining, you’ll be required to fill out a personality test, so that, you are matched up with women who fit that personality: Women who have filled out the same answers.

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A shot of eharmony personality test


That essentially means, if you like an introverted girl, answer the questions as if you’re an introverted guy.

A shot about the compatibility test in eharmony

The disadvantage of eharmony is the fairly long personality test ( about 15 minutes).


Here is the catch!

eharmony has more women than men because so many guys aren’t patient enough with filling out the personality test.

This gives you an advantage compared to other dating apps like Tinder where, according to recent research, the ratio of men to women is a whooping 9:1.

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A few things to remember;

• You’re selling yourself so never, ever, be negative on yourself.

• Don’t take yourself too seriously while answering the woman’s questions.

Try to be witty and funny most of the time. Be serious with a few questions.

Do the same thing with your profile.

What if I get stuck filling out my personal profile?

Check out women’s profiles!

It’s kinda sneaky, but effective.

Look out for phrasings that are witty then, copy and paste.

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Countries where eharmony operates;

USA, Canada, Spain, UK, Ireland, France, Italy Germany, India, Hong Kong, Dominican Republic, Bermuda, Brazil, Aruba, Chile, Colombia.

Indonesia, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Morroco, Philippines, Peru, Puerto Rico, Qatar.

Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, The Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

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