What To Say To A Girl You Just Approached (With Clear Examples)

A man having a fun time approaching a woman

So you want to talk to that hot neighbour, classmate, a girl at the glossary store, or whatever girl you randomly meet, but you have no idea where to start. So you hesitate to talk to the girl and just like that, a few seconds later, she’s nowhere to be seen again. Now you rationalize … Read more

Talk To A Girl You Just Met And Win Her Over With 9 Proven Tips

How can you talk to girls you just met and make them feel attracted to you fast? Be bold, don’t hesitate to start a conversation, make strong eye contact while talking to the girl, Smile- with a smirk, talk slow, don’t seek her approval and validation, don’t filter yourself, make her laugh, Stay relaxed throughout … Read more

Approach Girls In College With These 9 Tips: And Get A Girlfriend

So you’re a shy guy and there is a pretty girl in your class or university campus that you feel attracted to. You want to introduce yourself to her, but you fear coming off as creepy. The number one thing that prevents guys from approaching and dating the kind of girls they like is fear. … Read more