Should You Tell The Girl That You Like Her On Your First Date

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Hello Bro! So, you’re preparing to go for your first date with that hottie you asked out, but… you’re feeling like you will need to tell the girl that you like her or that you find her attractive… Or else, she might think that you have no true romantic feelings for her, and friend zone … Read more

Should You Hug The Girl On A First Date (And every thing else)

You invited the girl on a first date, and she accepted. Now you are preparing to meet her, but you have been asking yourself…. “Should I hug this girl on the first date?” Or…. “Is it good to hug a girl on a first date?” Well, bro. Today it’s your lucky because I’m going to … Read more

Why She Acted Interested But Then Rejected You-How To Respond!

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  • “Oh, I’m busy this week.” (But, she doesn’t provide an alternative) • “You seem a great guy, but I’m just not feeling that way.” • “You are a nice guy. I think we should just remain friends!” • “I’m not ready to date at the moment.” Hello Friend! Do those words sound familiar? … Read more

Signs The Girl Won’t Hang Out With You On A Second Date-And Why!

You hang out with a girl on a first date. But, You are asking yourself the following questions… • “Did she like me?” • “Will she hangs out with me on a second date?” Well, I’m going to give you the answers to your questions. The best way of knowing whether the girl liked you … Read more

7 Signs A Girl Doesn’t Like You On A First Date-What You Need To Do!

A man with a woman on a first dinner date

A girl who has liked you during your first date will never try to cut your date short because she will be having fun hanging out with you. Remember If a girl has zero interest in you, it will be super hard to raise her attraction to you. Trying to do so will just push … Read more

9 Signs The Girl You’ve Just Met Likes You-Love At First Sight!

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So, you’ve been asking yourself…. “How do I know if a girl I’ve just met likes me?” This could be a girl in college, your workmate, a girl you’ve met at the magazine section of a supermarket, a girl you’ve met on public transport, and anywhere else girls hang out. In this article, I am … Read more