Look Good Today!

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Do your looks matter to women?

Yeah! Looking good will certainly improve your attractiveness to women.

One way of improving your looks is by dressing well.

I spent over 30 hours researching on Amazon, and other online platforms to get you the fairest clothing, and accessories.


Some Tips To Get The Best From Your Clothing.

1. Well fitted clothing is the most important.

2. Your clothes have to match in color.

Start with clothes of the same color or clothes that contrast. (Dark jeans and white T-shirt)

3. Most clothes aren’t fitting.

So, tailoring is essential to get a good fit.

$10-$20 spent on tailoring to make a $30 clothing fit is much better than a $200 that doesn’t fit.

Tent-like clothes aren’t fashionable, and they won’t get girls checking you out! If you aren’t a kid, your clothes need to fit.

4. You will look much better if you’re in shape.


1. Calvin Clain, slim fit white T-shirt on Amazon.

2. Crew neck short sleeve white T-shirt, on Amazon.


ItAllen Edmonds You’ll look much better with fitted jeans.

Common projects original Archelis Sneaker carter leather and perforated black leather.


Allen Edmonds belt (Brown)


When you rock a nice watch that can give you a bad boy look with a bold style, you will have a lot of girls checking you out, giving you compliments and other signals of interest.

And No…..

these aren’t those $5000 watches that will just make you look like you’re trying hard to look cool.

If the watch gives you a masculine, bold look, girls won’t know the difference between a $100 leather watch and a $1000 watch.

A Vincero watch will give you exactly that – A detailed luxurious look at a relatively low cost!

Vincero Kairos Wrist Watch

Vincero chrono S Wrist Watch, Rose Gold

Vincero Chrono S luxury watch, Rose Gold

Vincero Bellweather Wrist Watch, Black

Best Seller:

Vincero Chrono S Wrist Watch, white-silver Chrono S.

Hobbies And Passions

Well, having a passion will help you to deal with a lot in dating like not giving your girl too much attention by putting some of that attention to your passions.

One of my hobbies is gaming.

Here are some of my recommendations that may work for you.

1. PS5 digital edition.

Or you may go with…

2. PS5 standard edition

3 XBox one S

A lot of dating gurus say that you shouldn’t be playing games a ton. But, who cares. As a bad boy, you live your life the way you want! Personally, I play games for a maximum of two hours a day.

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