Should You Flirt With A Girl On Your First Date? Know This!!

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If you have gone out on a date with a girl you will, and should, make sure that;

All the above can be achieved through flirting with the girl.

Should You Flirt With A Girl On A First Date

The simple answer is, YES! Flirting with a girl on your first date is very crucial if you want the girl to keep thinking about you after your first date.

And this is what you want!

You want to always be having the girl’s attention.

When a woman is young and beautiful, she will have a ton of guys who will be constantly pursuing her.

So, how do you set yourself apart?

By flirting with the girl when you meet her for the first time!

Flirting will set you apart from so many guys out there because they find it a challenge.

Instead of flirting with a girl, a good number of guys instead try to impress the girl by talking a lot about the cool things in there lives like how much money they have in their bank accounts.

If you have been fond of bragging in front of girls, you need to stop it, bro!

Bragging will just make the girl look down on you. She will lose attraction to you.

A guy who is attracted to girls and confidence in himself doesn’t need to impress the girl.

Actually, it is the other way around.

Instead of bragging in front of a girl, and seeking her approval, you should just flirt with the girl.

Flirting shows confidence. It will make the girl feel attracted to you.

When Should You Flirt With A Girl On Your First Date?

Essentially, there is no appropriate time to flirt with a girl on your first date.

You will have to flirt with the girl at the beginning and throughout your entire first date.

The earlier the better.

If you delay flirting, it will look awkward when you do it later on.

When you first meet the girl for your first date, you can simply take her hand, keep holding it for some time whilst keeping strong eye contact with a smile.

This will make you look confident, and composed (the fact that you can make and keep strong eye contact).

Secondly, it will subtly communicate your sexual intent to the girl: Strong and prolonged eye contact with the opposite sex is perceived to be sexual.

You don’t need to verbally tell the girl on your first date that you are interested in her.

Flirting will do it for you.

Again, subtly communicating your sexual intent to a girl through flirtation prevents her from friend-zoning you even if she’s hanging out with you.

So, when you ask the girl out on a second date, later on, she won’t say things like…

“You were such a great guy, but we should just remain friends.”

During your first date, you will need to continue flirting with the girl by, for example,

  • Keeping strong eye contact with a smile.
  • Touching the girl gently and often.
  • Teasing the girl.
  • Getting physically closer.
  • Whispering in the girl’s ear.
  • Hugging the girl or cuddling.

Why Does Flirting Build Attraction?

Flirting with a girl will definitely make her feel more attracted to a guy.

Flirting techniques like making strong eye contact makes you look confident in front of a girl.

Confidence is super attractive to any woman.

Again, flirting is mysterious.

Remember, you will be communicating your sexual interest to the girl in a subtle and non-verbal way.

So, this will make the girl keep wondering whether you’re interested in her.

It will keep the girl to keep thinking about you because it will keep her guessing.

Flirting with a girl can keep you as a challenge to the girl.

This is what you want. You don’t want to look like a sure thing to the girl.

Girls feel super attracted to guys who aren’t easy to get.

It’s simple human psychology – we attach so much value to things that we have to work hard for.

What I mean is, you want to communicate your sexual interest to a girl in a subtle and non-verbal way – through flirtation.

Never say directly to a girl things like “Please be my girlfriend!” or “Do you have a boyfriend?”.

It makes you look desperate for the girl’s affections. And she will look down on you because of it.

A girl will never feel attracted to you and look down on you at the same time.

How Can You Use Flirting To Test A Girl’s Interest In You On The First Date?

So, why would a girl who isn’t attracted to you hang out with you?

A girl may hang out with you because of some other reasons besides having an interest in you.

She could have gone out with you because she felt bored, she just wanted to be nice


You met online, but she hasn’t liked your personality after meeting up in person.

What I’m trying to show you is that you need to test and see if the girl you’re hanging out with is interested you.

Why should you try to test a girl’s interest?

Out of curiosity?

Of course not.

You just want to make sure that you won’t waste your energy, time, and emotions into a girl who isn’t interested in you.

It isn’t worth it. You would rather spend that time and energy on girls who actually have some interested in you.

This is easier said than done. I see so many guys who hang on girls who are ignoring them.

This problem comes from the scarcity mindset.

You can easily avoid the problem of hanging on girls who aren’t interested in you by realising that there are plenty of young, beautiful women out there.

A group of attractive women


If you know that you can go to one place and encounter plenty of beautiful women, you won’t waste time hovering around girls who don’t find you attractive.

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If you flirt with a girl, and she flirts back it will mean that she’s interested in you. The reverse will be so true.

For example,

if you try to make eye contact with a girl while smiling, but she keeps avoiding your gaze from time to time, it will mean that she doesn’t feel attracted to you.

When she avoids your gaze at the start of the date, it could mean that she is feeling nervous, shy, or less comfortable.

But if she keeps looking away while you’re talking to her, it will be a red flag.

Any girl who feels attracted to you will pay you her full attention.

Secondly, when you flirt with a girl through playful touching, for example, and she keeps touching you back or feels comfortable with your touch, it will mean that she has feelings for you.

So, you need to keep flirting with the girl during your first date to see if she likes you or to notice if your first date is going on well.

A few key takeaways.

You should flirt with a girl whenever you’re hanging out on your first date.

Start flirting early on, and keep flirting with the girl throughout your entire date.

It will help to build attraction and see whether your date was a success.

Flirting will keep the girl thinking about you after your first date and she will be much more likely to hang out with you on a second date.

So, that’s it’s a friend!

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