Should You Hug The Girl On A First Date (And every thing else)

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You invited the girl on a first date, and she accepted.

Now you are preparing to meet her, but you have been asking yourself….

“Should I hug this girl on the first date?”


“Is it good to hug a girl on a first date?”

Well, bro. Today it’s your lucky because I’m going to be showing you all the answers to your questions.

Should You Hug The Girl On A First Date.

The answer is Yes! You should hug the girl on your first date.

Hugging a girl on your first date is crucial, and we shall be looking at its advantages later.

Just keep reading!


When should you be hugging the girl during the date?

• When you first meet her a.k.a at the beginning of the date.

• Throughout the date.

• At the end of the date, when saying goodbye to her.

If you are going to hug the girl at the beginning of your first date, you’ll need to watch out for her body language.

If she’s having a closed body language, for example, if she’s folding her arms in front of her chest, you may not necessarily need to hug her at that moment.

Probably, she might be nervous, and still feeling uncomfortable.

Thus, when the girl starts to feel more comfortable around you during the date, you can hug her.

And you should!

That being said, I’m assuming you aren’t planning to go for dinner, or movie dates.

Besides, you shouldn’t be doing that!

If you first meet the girl on the first date, but she’s feeling comfortable with an open body language…..

You should go ahead and hug her.

How Should You Hug The Girl On A First Date.

You should walk slowly towards the girl, make eye contact with her coupled with a warm smile.

When you are about to reach her, spread your arms out slowly.

At that moment, she will know what you want to do.

To hug her!

And she will reciprocate.

If she’s super attracted to you, you’ll just see her run passionately into your arms, and hold you tightly.

And that’s when you’ll know that your first date is going to just be perfect, and successful.


It’s that simple.

Hugging a girl on a first date isn’t rocket science.

However, your hug must be a full-body hug.

You should hug the girl a bit tightly, but not too tight.

It’s supposed to be a man to woman hug.

Not those half-body body hugs where everyone is pointing their asses out.

Basically, you want a hug where the girl is wrapping her arms around your neck, as you wrap your arms around (And just above) her lower back.

If the girl is feeling more comfortable like during the date or at the end of the date, you can snuggle your face in her neck.

A man hugging a woman she finds attractive

You can whisper to her something like “You smell nice.”

And trust me….

She’ll feel good!

She won’t wait to meet you on a second date.

Secondly, make sure that you hug the girl for some prolonged time.

At least 3 or more seconds.

And the longer the better, if you can.

Third, you’ll need to withdraw from the hug slowly.

You’ll use the same principles if you’re going to hug the girl throughout the first date, and at the end of the date.

As the girl gets more comfortable around you, you can lift her during the hug.


Swaying her side to side as you’re lifting her off the ground.

That’s during, or at the end of your first date.


Come on bro!

I don’t want you to bore the girl during your first date.

You need to be playful with her, and make her feel girly.

I know you’re a super uptight dude, but just don’t be for your first date.

Believe me, you and the girl shall enjoy your first date.

Have you heard of the old saying “Girls just want to have fun?”.

Well, it happens to be true.

Why Should You Hug A Girl On A First Date.

It sets the tone that you and her are comfortable touching each other right off the bat.

The more you delay touching the girl, the harder, and more awkward it becomes later on.

• It creates sexual tension.

Sexual tension is that huge desire, and urge between a female and male human to kiss or have sex.

• Hugging the girl creates feelings of “I like this guy” in the girl.

Hugging a girl is flirting technique.

• It sets a tone right off the bat that your interactions with the girl are sexual.

• It builds a strong emotional connection between you, and the girl.

You don’t want to ask the girl later on for a second date for her to be like….

“You were such a nice guy, but I think we should just be friends!”


“You’re a great guy, but I didn’t feel any chemistry between us”

Do you?


I know you don’t.

So, you should be hugging the girl during your first date!

• Hugging the girl helps you to gauge the girl’s interest levels.

Will she feel comfortable while hugging you?

Will she feel passionate while hugging you?

Will the girl feel like you should keep hugging her for a prolonged time?


Will she keep avoiding your hugs from time to time.

Answers to those questions will help you to know if it’s worth investing more time pursuing the girl.

The answers will help you know where to move the interaction.

Whether or not you should kiss the girl on the first date or wait for the second date.

Whether or not you should ask the girl back to your place, or wait for another date.

How often should hug the girl on your date?

You should hug the girl as often as you can.

At least that is what science says.

The more you hug the girl, the more benefits you’ll get.

You will be able to create a stronger emotional connection with the girl.

And, she’ll feel happier.

In conclusion.

If you need to practice hugging before you go for the date, then do it.

You can practice with your close friends, relatives or even alone.

Hugging a girl is a crucial part of interacting with a woman on a first date that a lot of guys miss.

And you should be taking the lead role whenever it comes to hugging the girl on a first date.

What I mean is….

Never wait for the girl to initiate hugging.

Because, she won’t!

Since she will be waiting for you to take the lead role.

And that’s bro!

I just wish you a blessed first date.

And, don’t forget to HAVE FUN!

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