Should You Ignore The Girl Who Has Rejected You

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You: Hello Jenifer.

Her: Hi Martin.

You: I’m going to grab coffee this evening. I would love it if you join me.

Her: Sorry. I’m busy.

You: When are you free? I often have it every Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday evening.

Her: ‘No response’

Has that ever happened to you?

I bet it has!

It has happened to me, countless times.

It has ever happened to all of us.

So, whenever such a thing happens…

Whenever a girl rejects you, it keeps you thinking;

• “Should I continue texting her.”

• “Should I ask her out again.”

• “Should I just ignore her.”

• ” I think I should persist!”


Should You Ignore A Girl Who Has Rejected You?

Yeah. You should ignore a girl who has rejected you. Never start chasing a girl who has rejected you. Don’t beg, plead, and start to convince her to like you because it shall never work. It will just push the girl away.

A lot of guys make a mistake of chasing a girl who has rejected them by trying to convince the girl to like them.

They try to show the girl how they can make a good boyfriend since they can take care of her, or buy her nice, and expensive things.

This never works because a woman’s attraction to a man isn’t logical.

It’s emotional.

Just like when you meet a beautiful girl walking past you.

You feel like you would want to hook up with her without even thinking about it.

No one convinces you to feel attracted to a hot woman.

So, you should just ignore a girl who has rejected you because trying to convince her to like you using LOGIC shall never work.

Other reasons why trying to get a girl who has rejected you rarely works;

I) The girl shall see it as a red flag.

Why would a guy try hard to get with a girl who is rejecting him?

To her….

It means that no other beautiful girls find you attractive.

Girls want to date a guy who other hot women like.

So by walking away from the girl who has rejected you, it will be subconsciously communicating to her that you are a guy with options.

A guy who beautiful girls want.

Even if you don’t feel like you have a lot of options, you will need to start acting like one.

That will also trick your subconscious, and you will start to feel, and act like a guy who other beautiful women want.

Texting, and calling a girl who’s ignoring you kills your self-confidence.

You will feel less attractive because you are acting like a guy who other beautiful girls don’t want.

So, you should always walk away from girls who reject you.

II) The girl shall keep saying No.

The more the girl says no, and the more the girl ignores you…

The more she will be less likely to change her mind.

So your persistence shall be a complete waste of your precious time and energy.

Persistence might have helped you to achieve your other goals, but not this time.

III) Chasing a girl who has rejected you is clingy.

• “Why aren’t you replying to my messages?”

• “Why are you ignoring my calls?”

• “Please, let’s hang out!”

• “What can I do to make you like me?”

I’m sure by now, you know where those words are coming from.

From a place of neediness!

A bank shall never lend you money if you’re broke, or if you have no hopes of getting money.

When it comes to attracting beautiful women, it’s no different.

You will never get a hot girl’s attention the moment you start NEEDING it.

And a guy who doesn’t need the girl’s attention will never try to get with her if she’s ignoring him.

Practice walking away from girls who are ignoring you.

What If She Comes Back To Me?

Sometimes a girl might get back to you, after rejecting you.

But, only if you didn’t chase her in the first place.

If the girl rejects you but then comes back, you will have three options;

• Just ignore her completely, and move on.

• Friend zone her. (Make her your friend).

• Make a move again.

If you had already lost interest in her, you might take the first two options.

But, if you are still interested in the girl, you can still make another move after she gets back to you.

If she declines your second move, you will need to move on, and never look back.

Because chances are, the girl is just leading you on, so that;

• You can keep giving her your attention, but no more no less.

• She can keep you as a backup until she finds the kind of guy she likes.

• She can make some other guys feel jealous.

A girl who’s interested in you will want to spend time with you.

What If I Want To Be Friends With A Girl Who Has Rejected Me?

It’s ok to be friends with a girl who has rejected you if you want to.

This may help you in two ways;

• She can connect you to her friends.

• If she’s hot, and other girls see you around her, it can improve your dating success when you decide to approach them.

Though I’m recommending the above, I have never done it myself.

But, I have a friend who has got success using that approach.

That being said, you should never become friends with a girl who has rejected you with hopes that she might consider you in the future.

It will be a waste of your time!

The chances of her considering you are super slim if not zero.

That is a mistake a good number of guys make.

Most especially the nice guys.

You should never do that!

It’s ok to be friends with a girl who has rejected you so long as you aren’t using it as an excuse to hover around her hoping that she might like you.

In conclusion.

You should never try to get with a girl who has rejected you unless she reaches out to you first.

You will often have to walk away and move on after being rejected by the girl you liked.

Though we have talked about her coming back to you, it rarely happens.

So, you shouldn’t bet on it.

Even if the girl might be interested in you after rejecting you, she might not reach out to you to protect her ego just in case you reject her too.

But, it is something to look out for.

The girl might come back to you by showing you a few signs of interest like reaching out to you through text, calling you, complimenting you, and starting conversations with you a.k.a…..

She’ll start to chase you.

This shall often happen if you are in the same social circle as the girl.

Above all, never take rejection from girls personal, and neither should you take it seriously.

Never start to insult the girl, or beat yourself up.

It will show that you are emotionally strong, and have healthy self-esteem that isn’t phased by what others think of you.

It will boost your self-confidence.

You will become more attractive to women.

And that’s it, bro.

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