Signs She’s Feeling Bored On Your First Date

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If you’re hanging out with a girl on your first date, and she’s feeling bored she might not tell it to you directly.

The girl does that because she doesn’t want to sound rude and hurt your feelings.

Girls are brought up from a young age to be nice and not offend others even when something is bothering them.

Thus, you’ll need to look out for signs to see if she’s truly bored.

Once you notice those signs, you’ll have to take the necessary actions to make your first date exciting and fun.

Because you have to!

If you don’t, she will be less likely to want to hang out with you again.

Unless the girl is super attracted to you, and an extrovert she will be less likely to stire your interaction into a direction that’s fun, and exciting.

Even if It’s so, you don’t want the woman to be leading your interaction.

You, as the man, should be leading. And girls love it that way.

If you let her lead, she will be much more likely to feel less attracted to you or friend zone you, at most.

I have written this article and it will help you on how to not be boring on your first date.

You should check it out.

But for today, we are going to be looking at the signs of a girl who is bored on a first date and why she feels bored.

Signs That A Girl Is Feeling Bored In Your First Date.

Let’s get started.

Sign #1 She answers your questions with one-word answers.

This shows that the girl isn’t interested in what you have to say.

A girl who is feeling excited about your first date will always try to answer your questions in detail.

The truth is that girls love to talk. And the fact that she doesn’t want to reply to your questions in detail is a sure sign that she is feeling bored.

And you shouldn’t be fooled by thinking its because she’s introverted.

Even introverted girls can talk a lot, if not more than extroverted girls when given opportunity.

That being said, a girl may reply to your questions with one-word answers, especially in the beginning, because she won’t be feeling comfortable, yet.

You’ll just have to give it time.

Sign #2. She doesn’t look at you while talking to her.

If you are boring a girl on your first date, she will pay little attention to you, if at all.

So, she might do this by pointing her body away from you or avoiding your gaze.

If a girl is having fun with you, she will always pay you her total attention.

This brings me to the next point.

Sign #3. She looks distracted.

As I said, a girl who is feeling excited around you on your date will ignore almost everything around and put all her focus on you.

If she is always checking her phone or always darting her eyes around, it will be a huge sign that she might be feeling bored with the whole situation.

Probably, she will be checking her phone to see if it’s time for her to get an excuse and leave the date.

Sign #4. She’s less energetic talking to you.

Any girl who is having fun on your first date will always feel energetic around you.

She will be loving the hangout.

On the hand, if a girl is bored with your first date, she’ll;

  • Laugh less often.
  • She won’t touch you at all.
  • Talks without enthusiasm.
  • Avoid making prolonged eye contact with you.
  • Won’t ask you questions.

Sign #5. She looks an excuse to leave the date.

This is often done by women who are kinda more extroverted.

She will look for an excuse to cut the date short. And the excuse she uses will be kind of ‘lame’.

The girl may get a fake ‘message’, for example, about a ‘confidential’ emergency.

The truth is, she will just want to leave the date.

At this point, you shouldn’t try to stop her because you’ll just be making a bad situation worse.

Why the girl feels bored on your first date.

#1. You brought up boring topics.

There are some topics that you need to reserve for your guy friends.

If you bring up such topics in the conversation with a girl, she will feel bored.

The next time you see a group of women talking, I want you to notice the kind of topics that dominate their conversations.

If you’re attentive, you will notice that their conversations are about topics that are appeal to emotions.

These are the kind of topics you should bring up into your conversations while you’re hanging out with a girl.

Such topics include, but not limited to;

  • Entertainment: music, celebrity gossip, movies.
  • Fashion.
  • Food, recipes and cooking.
  • Travel: Trips, tours, vacations.
  • Pets: animal rescue.
  • Home and interior design.

Then compare the above topics with the kind of topics that dominate your conversations while hanging out with your buddies.

These are;

  • Politics.
  • Business and money.
  • Sports analysis.
  • Science

If you bring up any of the above topics, the woman will be more likely to feel bored.

Women love talking about topics that solicit emotions and feelings. And they are more conversant with such topics.

So, you should avoid introducing a lot of logical topics into your conversations with a girl on your first date.

If the girl isn’t a nerd, she won’t feel any enthusiasm and excitement talking about logical topics.

#2. She wasn’t interested in you in the first place.

A girl may hang out with you for some other reason besides feeling attracted to you.

So the reason the girl might have felt bored could be she had no feelings for you.

Therefore, the signs of boredom were actually signs of lack of interest in you.

#3. She lost interest in you on your first date.

A girl may have interest in you before you hang out with her on the first date.

But since there is no guarantee that the girl will always like you, for whatever reason, she may lose interest in you on the first date.

Hence, she will start showing signs of boredom that are actually signs of lack of interest.

#4. You talked a lot about yourself-bragging.

Bragging is a low-value move. And women hate it.

If you keep talking about yourself without allowing the woman to express herself, she’ll feel bored.

And the fact that you are bragging and trying to impress her, she’ll lose all the feelings she might have had for you. This causes more boredom on the girl’s side.

Secondly, bragging kills the mystery. You become predictable. All the urgency is destroyed. You become boring.

Have you ever watched a movie when you know how it’s going to end?

How did you feel?

Bored, right?

Of course, there isn’t any excitement! That’s exactly how you look when you tell the girl every good thing about you on your first date.

She won’t feel like meeting you again for another date because you killed all the urgency.

That means, when you’re hanging out with a girl in your first date, you should let the woman do a lot of the talking as you do the reverse-a lot of the listening.

And let the woman reveal all the awesome things about you by herself: without you pushing it.

Trust me, she’ll feel fascinated. She will like you more because of it.

The woman will feel attracted to you more because you were unpredictable.

Not like all the other dudes she hangs out with who said things like:

“You should come and check out my cool house” or…

“I have been promoted. I’m going to start receiving a six-figure income.” or….

“Have you seen my cool car? It’s expensive!”

Bro, never do that!

It will make you look boring and predictable.

In conclusion.

Having a fun and exciting first date isn’t rocket science. You just need to avoid simple silly mistakes.

If you’re hanging out on a date, and you notice that the woman is feeling bored you will have to take the necessary steps to make your first date fun.

For example, you can suggest changing the environment, and moving to some more exciting place.

Above all, have fun. That should be the main focus of your date with any woman. Everything else is secondary.

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