Talk To A Girl You Just Met And Win Her Over With 9 Proven Tips

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How can you talk to girls you just met and make them feel attracted to you fast?

Be bold, don’t hesitate to start a conversation, make strong eye contact while talking to the girl, Smile- with a smirk, talk slow, don’t seek her approval and validation, don’t filter yourself, make her laugh, Stay relaxed throughout the conversation.

When you stop and think about it, a girl will know whether she will sleep with you or not within the first few seconds of meeting you.

So you’ll need to make a great first impression because good first impressions matter a lot.

But let me ask you a question. Is it worth it? 

Do You Need To Create A Good First Impression While Talking To A Girl You Just Met?

I’m being serious here because you might just be wasting your time. Have you thought about that?

Could it be that your 15 minutes spent while talking to that hottie you just met aren’t worth the effort that you put into?

Have you ever talked to a new girl, got her number but refused to pick when you called her? or she refused to text back when you sent her a message?

That’s probably because you failed to create a strong first impression when you first talked to her. You never created a strong sexual attraction in her.

Don’t talk to girls for the sake. You need to interact with girls you find attractive in a way that will make them keep thinking about you.

So that she won’t ghost you when you send her a text message asking her to go on a date with you.

“Why did she give me her number if she wasn’t interested in me? Why didn’t she just let me know that she wasn’t interested?” I can hear you ask.

Girls are always expected to be nice from a young age. A woman will rarely tell you straight up that she isn’t interested in you.

Even when she does let you know, it will be a good thing because she’ll have saved you the time and energy you would have wasted on a girl who actually had no interest in you. (It may certainly hurt your feelings though)

The point is it is much easier for her to just give you her number and refuse to pick your call when you call her later or avoid replying to your texts.

Secondly, it gives the girl an ego boost. She will feel good because of the male attention she gets from you even if she doesn’t find you sexually attractive.

So keep in mind that it’s not a guarantee that any new girl who gives you her number will go out with you and become your girlfriend until proven otherwise.

But, apparently, getting the girl’s number is a good start and signal of her availability and interest in you.

Ok, well how can you create a good first impression while talking to a new girl?

That’s what the entire following part of this article is going to be about.

How To Talk To Girls You Just Met And Make Them Like You.

Ok, let’s get the show down the road!

#1. Be bold.

You have to talk to new girls with confidence. Approach the girl and talk to her like a man.

Don’t talk to her from the side- if you can.

You should also never approach and talk to the girl from behind. It will creep her out.

You want to approach and talk to the new girl like you would a normal person. Talk while facing her.

After meeting the woman, introduce yourself. You can say something like…

“Hi, I saw you over there. You looked cute in that dress. So I had to come over and say hello”


“Hello”… “Do you come here often?”

You need to be confident and assertive.

#2. Don’t hesitate.

If you want to start a conversation with the girl you just met, never hesitate. Hesitation signals a lack of self-confidence and indecisiveness.

Use a three-second rule. Basically, you approach the girl within the first three seconds after making the decision.

You count up to three seconds and then approach within that short time frame.

This helps you to get over your approach anxiety very fast. Why? Because you won’t have enough time to overthink things.

The three-second rule won’t give your mind time to come up with self-deprecating thoughts like…

• oh, she’s out of my league.

• That girl won’t like me.

• What if she rejects me.

• What if she ignores me.

• What if I creep her out.

• What if, what if, what if.

It’s those negative thoughts that make guys hesitate to talk to girls they like.

#3. Make strong eye contact while talking to her.

Eyes of a woman

What do I mean by “make strong eye contact”?

You need to look deep into the girl’s eyes and hold your gaze– it’s KEY. This is even super important when you are the one doing the talking.

If she’s the one doing the talking, you will have to break eye contact from time to time to build comfort.

There is no limit to how much eye contact you can make when you are the one talking.

Unfortunately, a good number of guys do the reverse- they look away very often when talking to the girl they just met and make more eye contact when the girl is talking to them.

Strong eye contact shows the girl that you are confident and not intimidated by her. It also helps to create sexual tension.

When the girl you just is met is hot, she may try to test your confidence by holding her gaze when she makes eye contact with you.

Women sometimes do it consciously. But most will do that unconsciously.

When you look away, it will show her that you are not that confident and it will turn her off.

But if you keep making eye contact, she will feel your confidence and you’ll have passed her shit test.

Whenever a moment of silence crops up while talking to a woman you just met, don’t try hard to restart the conversation.

Why? Because this can be the best time to build some sexual tension in your conversation.

How do you build sexual tension?

As I said, sexual tension can be built by making strong eye contact with the opposite sex!

So during a moment of silence make strong eye contact with the girl with- a smirk. Don’t break it until she looks away first.

This nicely brings me to my next point.

#4. Smile- with a smirk.

A smile or smirk

Sometimes, making strong eye contact with a new girl can easily creep her out.

So how can you make strong eye contact with a girl you just met and still be able to make her feel comfortable?

Make strong eye contact with a warm smile!

And I don’t mean smiling like you’re about to have your picture taken- with your teeth out.

What I mean is you need to smile with a SMIRK! Smile with your eyes whilst having your lips closed and slightly tilted sideways.

You may need to practice this in front of a mirror until you come up with a smile that works for you.

#5. Talk slow.

Talking slowly appears to be sexy to women.

It shows confidence and masculinity.

Talking very fast is feminine. So while talking to girls you just met, you’ll need to slow it down, bro.

The tonality of your voice also plays a huge rolee here.

If you can, speak with a deep voice. Speak from your diaphragm.

Avoid ending sentences with a high pitched tone. It shows the girl that you’re seeking her approval.

End sentences with a lower-pitched tone. It communicates to the girl that you’re speaking freely without needing her validation.

#6. Don’t filter yourself.

Don’t be afraid to say what you want. Say and do what comes naturally to you.

If you self-analyse yourself too much, it will kill your ability to socially vibe.

And you want the exact opposite because girls love charismatic guys.

Not filtering yourself also shows the girl that you aren’t seeking her validation by changing yourself for her.

So whenever you’re talking to a girl you just met, do so without second-guessing yourself. Do the self-analysis later when you’re no longer with the girl.

That way, she’ll keep thinking about you because you’re different from so many guys she talks to.

Later when you send her a text or call her, she will feel excited talking to you.

#7 Don’t seek her approval and validation.

That sounds counterproductive, right? After all, you want her to feel attracted to you. But not seeking the girl’s approval and validation can make a girl easily fall for you and win her over in no time.

Why? Because it shows the girl that you’re self-confident and comfortable with who you are.

When you aren’t overly desperate or needy, it makes girls love you more.

Attractive girls often find themselves having a ton of guys who are desperate for their attention.

So when you show a beautiful woman that you don’t need her validation and attention, it will feel like a breath of fresh air to her.

It is rare for her to meet a man who isn’t overly impressed by her.

It is easy to find yourself caring too much about what a girl thinks of you if she looks attractive and fun to hang around, but you shouldn’t be doing that.

There is no need to feel as if you need to work hard and make the girl like you. In fact, doing so pushes the girl away because of your neediness.

When you converse for the first time with a woman you feel attracted to, screen her to be sure that she has the qualities that you need in a potential girlfriend.

That makes you as the one with a higher value– aka you’re the buyer, not the seller.

Unfortunately, when most guys are interacting with an attractive woman, they act like they are selling themselves to the woman.

This gives the woman a higher power in the interaction. A situation where your chances of attracting the girl are tiny.

#8. Make her laugh.

And – this is a kicker – most guys who can easily attract women have a good sense of humour.

Laughter makes the girl’s body to release oxytocin hormone and dopamine.

When you’ve just started talking to a new girl, she will often feel less comfortable around you.

Dopamine will make the girl feel good which makes her feel comfortable around you and hence lower put her guards.

Oxytocin will help promote emotional bonding with the woman.

Making jokes around the girl shows her that you’re a fun guy who doesn’t take himself and life too seriously.

And that is what you want- showing her that you’re a fun guy to hang around.

Unfortunately, most guys are always uptight while talking to girls they’ve met for the first time.

Again this is because these guys, deep down, feel like they need to earn the girl’s validation. As I said, this just backfires. It makes her to like the guy less.

When you are willing to say whatever entertains you and whatever you find funny, girls will flock to you.

That’s because you aren’t desperate or needy like most guys who talk to them.

#9. Stay relaxed.

While talking to the girl, be relaxed. Don’t overthink what to say. If you’re seated, be laid back and spread out your body.

Don’t take the interaction with the girl so serious.

Take slow and deep breaths and breathe from your abdomen.

Let all your worrisome thoughts go.

When talking to a girl you just met, you need to have your energy slightly above or equal to hers.

#10. Touch the girl.

You want to instantly create a dynamic where the two of you are comfortable touching each other.

If the new girl accepts your touch, it will be a huge sign that she’s having some romantic feelings for you.

So while you introduce yourself to her, you can do so by taking and holding her hand.

Don’t shake it- just take her hand, if you can, hold it for a prolonged time (3 or more seconds).

You’ll need to release her hand slowly and gently immediately she starts to feel kinda uncomfortable.

The longer you hold her hand, the better nonetheless.

Don’t make a big deal out of it by looking at your hand as you take hers, for example. As you take her hand just make eye contact with her (Of course with a smirk).

That’s also a huge opportunity to flirt with the girl.


In summary, the first few minutes you spend talking to a girl you just met will determine whether she’ll feel attracted to you or not.

A lot of guys spend plenty of time online cramming and copying what they need to say to a girl. And that’s good to some point.

But will it create a huge difference?

No. Because the girl will be focusing more on something else rather than what you’re actually saying.

Your body language and mindset are KEY while talking to a woman for the first time. It needs to be right. If those two are crooked, nothing else will matter.



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