The Art Of Holding A Girl’s Hand On A First Date

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Touching a girl is very important on your first date. And one form of touching is by holding hands.


Some forms of touching aren’t necessary on your first date. At least in public.


And we shall see if holding hands is among them.

Just keep reading!

Recent research suggests that touching stimulates the release of a hormone called oxytocin in our bodies.


Oxytocin hormone is associated with increased feelings of happiness. It also promotes bonding between the individuals who are touching each other.


Simply put- touch makes us feel happier and helps individuals to bond with one another.

So, what does that hint to you while you’re hanging out with a girl?

It means that touching a girl will make her feel happy and comfortable around you. It will also help you to build an emotional connection with the girl.

And this is what you want if the girl is to keep thinking about you after your first date.


When you have a strong emotional connection with a girl, everything else will flow effortlessly.

Emotional bonding is a big deal when it comes to a woman’s attraction to a man.

If a man doesn’t build a strong emotional connection with a woman, she will easily forget about him after the first date.

Ever wondered why girls say things like…

“He is a nice guy, but I don’t feel any chemistry between us!”

Well, you’ve guessed it right.


The man didn’t build enough emotional connection with the woman!

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Should You Hold A Girl’s Hand On A First Date?

The simple answer is YES! You should definitely hold hands with a girl on your first date. You shouldn’t wait for the second, third or fourth date to start holding hands.

The point is…

We are not in the 18th century, bro!

Dating moves so fast in the 21st century.

Gone are the days where you had to meet the girl several times before you could escalate your interactions to romantic ones.

Again, women aren’t ‘slut-shamed these days as they used to, say, back in the days.


Never think that you’ll have hurried things if you hold the girl’s hand on a first date.

Because if you do, she will be holding hands with some other guy and entering a serious relationship.


The worst of all-ending up into her friend zone.

You want the date to end with the woman understanding your intent: you’re romantically interested in her.

So, holding hands with a girl will also let her know that you’re taking her as a potential romantic partner.


Hopefully, you will want her to reciprocate in some way.

Again, holding a girl’s hand will let you know that she is actually interested in you.

And that your first date is going on nicely.

Believe me, going out on a date with a girl isn’t a good enough signal to show that her interest in you exists.

A girl can go out with you for several other incentives, or she may lose interest while hanging out with you.

My point is, you should keep watching out for the girl’s levels of interest: to see if you should keep pursuing her.


And holding a girl’s hand on your first date will help you with that.

“How can I tell?”

Nice question.

When the girl reciprocates, say, by holding your hand tightly, it will mean that she feels attracted to you.

When Should You Hold A Girl’s Hand On Your First Date?

Holding a girl’s hand on your first date shouldn’t be done at any random time during your date lest you risk making it look awkward.

You don’t want to catch the girl by surprise. It will freak her out, and she could lose attraction to you.



Essentially, you will not need to hold hands with the girl at the beginning stages of your first date.

“Why not?” You might want to ask me.

At the beginning of the date,

  • The girl is much more likely to be less comfortable at this point.

  • She will be having less trust in you.

  • Little attraction will have been developed on her end.

  • She will be feeling nervous, or shy.

You should only hold hands with a girl on a first date only if you feel like she feels comfortable with your light touches.

There are three types of touch. Namely:

  • Light touch.
  • Romantic touch.
  • Sexual touch.

Holding hands with a girl falls under romantic touching!

The three types of touch should be followed in that order.


On your first date, you should begin by touching the girl in friendly and light ways, by for example;

  • Shaking or taking her hand when you’re greeting her.
  • Hugging her.
  • Touching the back Of her hand while emphasising a point.
  • Sitting or standing close to her.
  • Resting your hand, momentarily, on hers.

When the girl feels comfortable with light touches, she’ll be likely to reciprocate if you hold her hand.

So, hold hands with a girl only if she feels comfortable when you lightly (non-romantically) touch her.

Probably, in the middle or at the end of your first date.

If she feels comfortable with your light touching but doesn’t want to hold hands, yet…

you shouldn’t give up!

Take a step back, relax, let her feel more comfortable. Probably, she hasn’t developed enough trust in you, yet.


Then try again after a couple of minutes, say 30 minutes or even an hour.

If all fails, it would imply that you will have to, at most, wait for the second date.

The second date is the maximum. Don’t go beyond that.

That being said, you can increase the speed at which the woman will feel comfortable, or trust you during your first date by;

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t be having a dinner date as your first date.

It will likely make you and the girl feel nervous.


Touching the girl (holding the girl’s hand), which is extremely important, will seem complicated and awkward.

What Does It Mean Holding Hands On A First Date?

Holding hands on a first date means interlocking fingers or simply hands.

This can be done while walking together or when you’re sitting closer to the girl.

Holding hands on a first date can also mean (imply) that the man and the woman feel attraction to each other.

It means that you have romantic feelings for the woman.


As I said, it lets the woman know that you have romantic feelings for her.

You will be essentially letting the girl know that you have a romantic interest in her using a subtle way.

A way that won’t freak her out like saying something, directly, like…

“Hey, please be my girlfriend!”

Trust me, it’s better to use non-verbal cues: like holding hands.

Holding hands with a girl could also mean that the girl feels comfortable around you and that she trusts you.

Girls are highly conscious of their bodies. She won’t let you touch her for long if she doesn’t have any feelings for you, or at least trust you.


In conclusion

Holding hands with a girl on your first date will help you in so many ways.

So, you should do it.

If you fail to hold hands during your first date, try it out on your second date.

But, you should never go beyond the second date without holding hands.

If the girl refuses to hold hands with you, even on the second date, it could mean that the girl has no romantic feelings for you.


She could just be leading you on and playing you.

It will be in your best interest to move on.

You can hold the girl’s hand while leading her through a crowd while walking normally, or while you’re sitting close to her.

That’s it friends.


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