What Should Happen On A Second Date With A Woman

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I’m here to remind you that although you may hang out with a girl on a second date, and she seems to be interested in you, there is some more work to be done.

A girl who accepts to hang out with you for the second time will surely be interested in you. But she can lose that interest or…

… and worse, she could be just be leading you on.

Have you ever thought about that bros?

The point is, just because the woman is hanging out with you doesn’t guarantee her sexual interest in you.

So you’ll need to make a move as soon as possible and do something about it!

If you’re hanging out with an attractive girl, she will have a good number of guys interested in her.

Of all the guys, there will be one she likes most…

and keeps some or all of the rest as a backup just in case the guy she feels most attracted to doesn’t commit to her.

And chances are you could be part of her backup plan!

Unfortunately, that’s what most guys don’t want to hear.

So how do you know whether you’re not her backup? Because you don’t want to be her second option, do you? I hope not.

If you don’t care being her plan b, then there is no point reading further.

But if you are a guy who knows that there are plenty of awesome women out there more than you could possibly ever date…

…then keep reading!

It’s a scarcity mindset that keeps guys hovering around women who aren’t that interested in them.

Most times these are guys who have developed oneitis causing them to become needy and desperate for the girl’s affections- and that repels the woman.

Since the girl hasn’t managed to lock down the guy she feels most attracted to, she keeps the guy around?

“Why would a girl keep leading on a guy she knows she doesn’t like that much? Why doesn’t she just let him know?” you ask.

Well, the answers are simple…

One, the most common reason, the girl wants the guy to keep giving her male attention until she gets the kind of guy she truly likes.

Second, the girl doesn’t want to directly hurt the guy’s feelings.

Third, she doesn’t want to drop you until she’s got her number one option.

What should you do on a second date to know if the girl is truly interested in you?

That’s what the following part of the article is all about.

What Should Happen On A Second Date With A Girl?

Whatever you chose to do on a second date, it should be something aimed at taking your interactions with the woman to the next level.

Most guys never do that for fear of getting rejected. But it will be worth the risk.

Not making a move is one of the worst things you can do on a second date.

#1. Touch the girl often.

A couple holding hands on a second date


If you never touched the girl on a second date enough times, the second date will be a huge opportunity to do that.

If you touched her enough times on your first date, well and good…

continue doing it on your second date.

The point is, a woman who doesn’t allow you to touch her isn’t interested in you and not worth pursuing. She’ll be just wasting your time.

So during your first date don’t just do neutral or friendly touches with the girl.

Friendly touching looks like…

• Touching her forearm.

• Touching her hand.

• Touching her upper arm.

• Placing your arm around her shoulders.

You need to progress from light and friendly touches to romantic and/or sexual touches.

This includes but not limited to:

• Holding her hand while walking or seated together.

Giving the girl full-body hugs for a bit longer (Three or more seconds, but the longer the better).

• Always be in her intimate space. Keep a close distance between each other.

• Touch the skin between her fingers. While holding hands, the best way to do it is interlocking fingers with hers.

Besides testing to see if the woman likes you, touching her will also trigger sexual attraction.

#2 Go for the first kiss.

A man and woman making out in a mini van

If you want to go for a kiss, never wait for the woman to make the first move because she won’t.

You as the man should make the first move. Its want women want and love.

Don’t be deceived by what happens in movies because that rarely happens in real life. So always make the first move.

You need to go for the kiss only if the girl feels comfortable around you and receptive to your romantic touches.

Signs it’s time to seize the opportunity and go for the first kiss.

On your second date, as the woman feels comfortable with you she will start to feel more and more sexual.

Then watch out for these non-verbal cues that scream “kiss me now!”:

• She looks at your mouth and then back at your eyes.

• She licks her lips.

• She touches her mouth.

• She stares at you with a hungry look in her eyes.

• She rubs her neck.

How to kiss a girl- step by step

• Move your face and lips very close to hers.

• Watch her lips part and slightly go soft. At this point, the woman may close her eyes.

• As you go for the first kiss, you want to concentrate on brushing your lips against hers- not kissing her.

• Watch her melt into you and kissing you in no time.

• Kiss slowly for a while.

• Have your mouth open as you wait for her tongue.

• Match her kissing once the tip of her tongue enters your mouth.

Many guys make a mistake of jamming their tongue into the girl’s mouth before she’s ready: and that kills the girl’s kissing mood.

Then what should you do?

During the kissing, just relax and mirror what she does.

#3. Invite her back to your place.

A couple sharing an intimate moment in bed

It’s a very good idea to have sex with a girl on your second date.

So after the second date, you will want to invite the girl back to your place.

You will need to get the woman out of the dating location to your place or her place. It can also be any place where the two of you will be alone.

That being said, you never want to say “let’s go to my place and have sex.”

When you want to have sex with a woman for the first time, you should never verbalize your sexual intentions or hint at anything with the word sex.

Why? Because you don’t want to trigger the logical part of her brain that says “Should I have sex with this guy? I’ve just known him”

Essentially you don’t want to trigger the part of her brain that says “having sex with a guy she just met is bad”

You don’t want the women to start coming up with reasons why she shouldn’t have sex with you.

I think you never want it to take you months or years before having sex with the woman you’re dating, do you?

What should you do?

Say anything innocent and less-sexual that will get the two of you alone.

You can say anything like…

“Let’s go back to your place shortly and I see that movie/painting you talked about”

“We can go to my house and grab a drink real quick.”

Generally, chances are high if you suggest going to the woman’s place because she’ll feel more comfortable.

Whatever your reason may be, you may want to use a fake time limitation ( like “I don’t have much time”) to overcome any objections the woman may have.


If you keep hanging out with a girl who’s surely not interested in you, it will just kill your self-esteem and self-confidence.

When you’re on a second date, introduce romantic and sexual touches into your conversations, go for the first kiss and move the girl to a location where the two of you can be alone and have sex.

If the sex doesn’t happen or she refuses to go to your new location, don’t stress it. At least you still have the third date.

Secondly, you made a move on her and she’ll respect you a lot.

Again you need to make sure that the other two take place. When the woman objectifies kissing her or romantically touching her on a second date…

she won’t be worth pursuing. It will be in your best interest to move on and date other girls.


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