When Should You Touch Her On A First Date – Don’t Screw It Up!

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Hi Yo? You’re preparing to hang out with that cute girl on your first date.

But, you’re asking yourself the following questions;

• “When should I touch the girl without making it look awkward?”

• ” How do I know when it’s appropriate to touch the girl?”

Well, that’s what this article is going to all be about!

Just keep reading!

When should you touch the girl on your first date?

There is no appropriate time to touch a girl during your first date. Touching the girl should be done throughout your entire first date. The more you touch the girl, the better. You can touch the girl immediately you meet her for your date like taking her hand and holding it when you’re greeting her, hugging her at the start and end of the date.

Let’s look at what that means and how you should go about it.

When Should You Touch Her On Your First Date Without Srewing It Up?

#1. At the beginning of the date.

When you meet the girl at the start of the date, you will have to touch her as soon as possible like giving her a full-body hug or gently taking her hand when greeting her.

This is very important because you want to introduce touch into your interactions right off the bat.

You want to create a frame where you two are comfortable touching each other.

What I mean is, the more you delay, the weirder it will come off when you touch her later on.

For illustration,

You don’t want to hold her hand all of a sudden in the middle of the date yet, you haven’t been touching her at all.

She might think….

“Why is he touching me like that? It’s just bizarre!”

She will feel turned off.

So, on your first date touch the girl ASAP!

#2. Touch the girl during high points in a conversation.

• Is she laughing at your jokes?

This is a huge opportunity to touch the girl.

During a high point in your conversations on a first date, you can touch the girl by;

• Placing your arm around her shoulders and pull her in.

• Patting her elbow.

• Take your hand and rest it on hers.

• Give the girl a high five.

Touching a girl during a high point in your conversation will make the girl start associating your touch with good feelings.

That means, she will start to love it whenever you touch her later on.

#3. Touch the girl as you talk.

During your conversations, like when you’re emphasizing a point, you can lightly touch the girl by;

Touching her shoulder.

• Lightly touching her elbow.

• Touching the back of her arm.

• Touching her upper arm.

• Resting your hand on hers.

You will easily pull this off if you talk to the girl using gestures.

#4. Touch the girl more whenever she feels comfortable.

A guy holding a girl's hand

When touching the girl for the first time, you will want to begin by touching her in less intimate ways – by touching the relatively safer parts of her body like;

Her hand

• Arm

• Lower back

• Her shoulders

Gently pressing your leg or thigh against hers.

If the girl feels relaxed with your innocent touch, you might need to escalate by taking your touch a step further: To a romantic touch.

When do you know if the girl is feeling safe with your touch?

If the answer to the following questions is a Yes, it will be the right time to introduce in some romantic touch.

Does she lean in whenever you place your arm around her shoulder?

• Does she hold your hand tightly when you hold hers while greeting her?

• Is she always trying to sit or stand close to you?

• If you touch her while emphasising a point, does she touch you back?

Does she feel ok when you gently rest your hand on hers in the middle of a conversation.

On the other hand, you will need to back off if she does the following;

She leans back whenever you try to get close to her.

• The girl pulls away if you try to place your arm around her shoulders.

• She has a negative body language around you like folding her arms in front of her chest.

• She let’s go very fast if you take her hand or hug her.

This will imply that you have to wait a bit longer for the girl to get comfortable.

It won’t mean that you will have to stop touching her altogether.

That being said, when the girl feels comfortable, you will want to escalate your touch to something romantic like holding hands, cuddling, touching her face or even kissing.

You need to follow the steps – Light touching to romantic touching, and finally sexual.

If you skip the steps by attempting to hold her hand before she feels comfortable with being close to you, for example, she will feel creeped out.

Or …

Trying to go for a kiss yet, she doesn’t feel comfortable holding hands.

All that shall make the girl feel uncomfortable, back off, and she will lose attraction.

And worse, she may perceive it like you’re sexually harassing her.

That brings me to the following point…

You should only sexually touch the girl only if you two are somewhere private, or if you’re alone with her.

Avoid sexual touches (In public) like;

Caressing her breasts.

• Placing your arm on her butt.

• Caressing her inner thighs.

• And anything like that!

Almost any girl will do whatever it takes, so that, she doesn’t look like a slut.

And that can mean breaking up with you even if she feels attracted to you.

So, as a rule of thumb, refrain from any sexual touches until you’re alone with her.

#5. You can touch the girl while teasing her.

You need to tease the girl on your first date.

It will help you to build attraction by showing the girl that you don’t place her on a pedestal: as most guys do.

Teasing will essentially separate you from the last guys she hangs out with who were focused on impressing her.

Only confident guys tease girls.

One way of teasing a girl on your first date is through touch.

You can tease her by, for example;

• lightly pocking her stomach.

• playfully pushing her away when she says something sarcastic.

• Bumping your hips onto hers.

#6. Get close to the girl.

You want to touch the girl when you’re sitting or standing close to her.

As I said, this will help you know if it’s the right time to escalate your touch and dealings from a friendly one to a romantic interaction.

For example, a girl who isn’t feeling comfortable sitting close to you will never feel ok with the idea of holding hands.

Getting close to the girl will also make touching her much easier.

So, always try to break the physical barrier as much as possible whenever you’re hanging out with the girl.

#7 You can touch the girl when leading her somewhere.

This will help you to introduce chivalry into your interactions with a woman.

It will make her feel like she’s safe around you: the woman will feel girly.

This is what you want. You want the girl to feel your masculinity, so that, she can feel super attracted to you.

In such situations;

• You can hold her hand while leading her through a crowd.

• Place your hand on the small of her back as you direct her, for example, when you’re opening a door for her, or setting a seat for her.

• Let her hold your arm while crossing the road.

Key takeaways.

You should touch the girl often during your first date.

In fact, you must!

It will help you build sexual attraction because touching a woman shows her that you’re a confident, and dominant man.

Bro, you don’t want to ask the girl out for a second date for her to be like,

“You were such a great guy, but I think we should just be friends!”.

That means the girl never felt any attraction to you because you never escalated your interaction from a friendly to a romantic one.

At the start of your date, begin with innocent, and light touches.

Depending on how comfortable the girl will be feeling, you will have to move to romantic touching, and then sexual touching (when you’re alone with the woman).

That being said, women are different.

For example, some girls won’t make a big deal out of lightly touching them while others will make even the slightest, innocent touch a big deal.

Nonetheless, you’ll still need to touch her.

In such a situation, you may want to pull back, and let her to first feel comfortable around you – you can make her feel at ease within a short time by using humour, for example.

If you force it, she’ll feel repelled by you.

You can start with getting close to her then, start to lightly touch her the moment she starts to feel ok with you in her personal space.

Above all, have fun!

That’s it, bro.

When should you touch a girl on your first date without screwing it up, in summary?

● At the beginning of the date.

● Touch the girl during high points in a conversation.

● Touch the girl more whenever she feels more comfortable.

● Touch the girl as you talk.

● While teasing her.

● Get close to her.

● While leading her somewhere.

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