When Should You Transition From Talking To Flirting With Girls(And How)

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Hi bros!

So, you have been talking to a hot girl(s) but kept asking yourself…

“When should I start flirting with the girl?”


“Am I just talking instead of flirting with her?”


“How can I start flirting with her?”

Well today, it’s your lucky day because I am going to show you exactly…

• when should start flirting with a girl during a conversation.

• how you should flirt with the girl.

• mistakes you need to avoid while flirting.

Read: How to flirt with girls during a conversation.

First, before we get there…

What Does Flirting Mean And How Is It Important?

Flirting means actions, and/or statements that can build attraction in the girl to you. These actions and statements are playful and subtle (indirect).

Flirting can also be used to signal your sexual interest to the girl in subtle, and playful ways.

Girls can also use flirting to signal their sexual interest to you.

When Should You Transition From Talking To Flirting?

The answer is simple…


And it will be much better…

If you start flirting with her before you start the conversation.

You should initiate flirting with the girl before, or immediately you start chatting with her.

One thing you need to realize is that flirting can be done without even talking to the girl.

You can flirt with a girl without opening your mouth.

It would be much better to start flirting with the girl before you start the conversation if you’re meeting her in person.

If you are just chatting on phone or via video chat, you should start flirting with her as soon as possible.

Why Should You Flirt With A Girl Immediately?

It helps to signal your interest to the girl right off the bat.

If you delay, the girl might think that you are just being friendly.

This can make the girl to immediately drop you into the friend zone.

So that when you finally start flirting with her, everything will feel awkward.

If you delay flirting with a girl during a conversation, it will become harder for you to flirt with her later on.

Because you will start to feel nervous, and anxious whenever you delay.

If you delay initiating flirting with the girl during a conversation, she might take it like you are being indecisive, and unsure of yourself.

It can make the girl lose attraction to you.

How Can You Flirt With A Girl Immediately, Or Before Starting A Conversation?

1. Touching the girl before the conversation.

You can flirt with the girl immediately by touching her before you start chatting.

Let me explain this with a real-world example…

Let’s say you have walked up to the girl or you have just met her in person on a first date…

While greeting the girl, you can reach out your hand, hold her hand, while making eye contact, for some prolonged time.


You can give the girl a full-body hug for about 3 or more seconds.

This sets the right tone from the start.

A tone that you, and here are more than friends.

Flirting through touching the girl sets a tone that your interactions with her are sexual.

Right from the start.

2. Flirting with the girl by making prolonged eye contact with her.

If you have just started talking to the girl, or before talking to her….

Make prolonged strong eye contact (without uttering a word).

Do not break eye contact until she looks away.

If you break eye contact first, it signals weakness, shame, and lack of self-confidence.

Flirting through making prolonged eye contact can be perfect, and more applicable if you are walking up to the girl to start a conversation.

Making prolonged strong eye contact with the opposite sex is interpreted by the mind as being sexual.

So, it will help to build sexual tension.

Sexual tension is a physically driven intense desire to have sex.

This brings me to next point.

3. Smiling (with a smirk).

A smirk simply means smiling with your eyes without showing off your teeth.

A man putting on a smirk
A real-life example of a smirk. You need to relax your eyelids (like in the pic). Widened eyelids are girly, and show nervousness. Check for a smirk from other celebrities like John Legend, Idris Elba, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney.

A smirk will make you look incredibly sexy, and charming…

To girls.

So if you are walking right up to a girl you would want to talk to, make prolonged, strong eye contact with her coupled with a smirk until you meet.

This is super attractive in different ways.


• It builds intrigue and mystery in the girl. “Why is he looking at me like that? Does it mean he likes me?”, she thinks.

• It shows self-confidence, boldness, and dominance. Traits that are super attractive to every woman on this planet.

• Smiling builds comfort in the girl. It makes you look friendly and less threatening.

4. Teasing

Teasing can mean sending mixed signals to the girl.


Messing up with the girl in a playful way.

For example…

Before talking to the girl, you can roll a piece of paper, and throw it to her, with an exaggerated grin on your face.

You can also tease the girl by using verbal statements, and comments like…

• Exaggerating her statements.

• Purposely misinterpreting her statements.

• Giving ridiculous answers to her statements.

• Giving her nicknames.

• Repeating statements she’s saying until she notices it.

Mistakes To Avoid While Flirting With The Girl.

• Never try to impress her. You do not need to be seeking the girl’s approval. This will constantly make you feel nervous, and flirting will become harder.

• Do not overdo it. You shouldn’t be teasing the girl on every word she says or smiling at her all the time.

• Do not talk too much. You will risk revealing too much about yourself. Flirting is all about building mystery, and intrigue.

• Never take your interactions, and conversations with girls too seriously. Flirting is all about building attraction in playful, and lighthearted ways.


There is nothing like transitioning from talking to flirting because flirting should be done immediately you meet the girl.

It is even much better to initiate flirting before you start talking to the girl.

If you delay initiating flirting, it may cause you negative consequences.

In summary, how can you initiate flirting before talking to the girl?

While walking up to the girl make prolonged, strong eye contact with her coupling it with a smirk (smile). When you reach the girl, greet the girl by holding her hand for 3 or more seconds, or give the girl a full-body hug.

Never beat yourself up whenever you fall short.

It will take some little practice for everything to start feeling natural, and effortless.

So, friends, that’s it!

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