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One of the best ways of succeeding in dating or getting a girlfriend is having an abundance mentality.

What I mean is that you have to realise that there are plenty of pretty women out there to choose from.

There is one problem a lot of guys face: they lack an abundance mentality.

So many guys have a scarcity mentality.

Why is a scarcity mentality bad?- you might want to ask me.


If you have a scarcity mindset, you often come off needy whenever you meet a woman you would want to date.

And neediness turns off women big time.

On the other hand, if you know that you have a place where to meet a lot of wonderful women, just like the girl you’re dating, you won’t come off too strong.

The woman will be attracted to you as a result.

“Why isn’t he so needy like all other guys? Does it imply other beautiful women like him?”, she will think!

On the other hand, if you aren’t needy, because you know where to meet hot girls just like her, she will think the reverse.

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The truth is, you shouldn’t focus a lot on a single woman until she’s your girlfriend.

The best way of achieving an abundance mentality is by knowing where to meet plenty of beautiful women.

And that place is eharmony!

On eharmony, you can meet hot women of any age, interests, and character in your local area (or any other area).

If you are interested in a serious relationship, with no doubt, eharmony is the right place for you.

The coolest thing I love about eharmony is their personality test.

You’ll easily meet girls who match the kind of personality you love.

A shot of eharmony personality test

While joining, you’ll be required to fill out a personality test, so that, you are matched up with women who fit that personality: Women who have filled out the same answers. 

That essentially means, if you like an introverted girl, answer the questions as if you’re an introverted guy.

The cons of eharmony are that the personality test is fairly long ( It took me about 18 minutes).

A shot of eharmony personality test


Here is the catch!

eharmony has more women than men because so many guys aren’t patient enough with filling out the personality test.

That essentially means that women on this dating site aren’t bombarded with a lot of texts from so many guys.

So they won’t often have there guarded up when you reach out.

This gives you a huge advantage compared to other dating apps where, according to recent research, the ratio of men to women is a whooping 9:1.

So, I highly recommend filling out the entire personality test.

A few things to remember;

• You’ll be selling yourself so never, ever, be negative on yourself.

• Don’t take yourself too seriously while answering the woman’s questions or filling out the personality test.

• You’ll get more success if you type in your unique answers rather than choose from the multiple choices available to you.

• After connecting with a woman, don’t waste time engaging in pointless conversations over text and phone. Try to set up a date as soon as possible.

• Try to be witty and funny most of the time. Be serious with a few questions.

• Do the same thing when filling out your profile.

What if I get stuck filling out my profile?

A screen shot about eharmony

Check out women’s profiles!

It will be kinda sneaky, but effective.

eharmony screen shot

Look out for witty phrasings to get some inspiration.

A screen shot of eharmony

In conclusion

If you want a place where to meet amazing women with less competition, you really should give eharmony a shot Now!

Countries where eharmony operates;

USA, Canada, Spain, UK, Ireland, France, Italy Germany, India, Hong Kong, Dominican Republic, Bermuda, Brazil, Aruba, Chile, Colombia.

Indonesia, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Morroco, Philippines, Peru, Puerto Rico, Qatar.

Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, The Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

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