5 Terrible Mistakes You Can Make Today And Push A Girl Away

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I have driven away a good number of girls whom I was attracted to.

So, I decided to throw away my ego and take the time to learn about dating.

Fortunately, I managed to notice most of the mistakes that were holding me back from becoming the attractive guy I could be.

And I have never looked back ever since.

Those are the same mistakes I see so many men making.

So, in this article!

I’m going to share mistakes you can make and push an attractive girl away faster than Usain Bolt at the Olympics.

And chances are, you might be making the same mistakes too.

That’s why you came to this article in the first place.

But, that’s perfectly fine because all of us have ever been there.

I’m going to be explaining in detail the five mistakes you are doing that are making girls run away from you without even realising that you are making them.

Terrible Mistakes You Can Make Today And Push A Girl Away

Not Taking Risks

Avoiding strong eye contact

Not adjusting to the girl’s vibe

Being unsure of yourself

Giving your power away

Let’s get right into the details!

Shall we?

Mistake #1. Avoiding strong eye contact.

A video challenge to practice strong eye contact. Try to not break strong eye contact with the hot girl at the end of the video. Note that girls will always test your confidence by trying to make strong eye contact (like in that video) to see whether you won’t crack.


Why is strong and seductive eye contact is crucial?

i) Strong eye contact creates sexual tension.

What is sexual tension?

Sexual tension is a strong feeling and desire to have sex with the opposite sex.

Eye contact creates this tension because 80% of what our bodies take in is through the eyes.

So whenever you are looking deep into the girl’s eyes for a prolonged time, her brain perceives this action to be sexual and intimate.

ii) Maintaining eye contact while talking to a girl shows that you’re dominant.

Do you that one trait that women find irresistible?

It’s dominance!

Ever wondered why your parents used to tell you statements like…

” Look at me when am talking to you”?

It’s because your parent wanted to assert dominance.

Avoiding prolonged eye contact while talking to a girl is a huge turn-off.

It’s like you’re saying to her “Look I’m less confident, insecure and intimidated”

You should always maintain eye contact with a girl while talking to her.

Whenever you feel nervous and uncomfortable at the start of the interaction, you can start by looking at her face then at the bridge of her nose and finally make eye contact.

As you begin feeling more and more comfortable, progress to making deep, intense eye contact.

iii) Strong eye contact shows confidence.

Ever heard of the saying…”Your eyes are a window to your soul.”?

Well, it happens to be true.

Your eyes will tell her a lot of things about you like how confident you are in yourself.

We all know about this one person who can’t make eye contact whenever they talk to anyone. They are always looking away from your gaze.

How do you feel when you notice that?

Probably that he is shy, lacks confidence and feels shame.

Well, the girl is going to feel the same way whenever you keep avoiding her gaze.

On the other hand, when you hold strong eye contact, she will pick up that you’re comfortable in the presence of a hot woman.

By maintaining strong eye contact with a girl when you first meet her…

you will immediately separate yourself from 95% of the guys out there who have a hard time holding eye contact with an attractive girl.

Mistake #2. Not taking risks

When interacting with a girl you need to take risks if you want to;

• Create sexual tension thereby increasing your chances of having sex (most especially on your first date)

Avoid the friend zone

Turn a girl into your girlfriend.

• Increase the chances of going for the second date.

• Make the girl more sexually attracted to you because you will be demonstrating masculinity.

• To know whether the girl is actually interested in you or just leading you on to get your attention and validation.

What you need to do when you’re approaching a girl or out on a date with a girl.

i) Going for a kiss (I mean during or after your first date not during an approach😂

A man kissing a woman

ii) Touching the girl like

When you meet a girl for the first time, you will also need to touch her so that you phrase your interaction with her as a sexual one from the beginning.

You can simply do this by reaching out for her hand when greeting her and hold it for like 3 or more seconds before releasing it.

iii) Creating an excuse so that you can go back with her to your place or her place after the date (hope you are not asking yourself to do what??).

You will have higher chances of her saying yes when you suggest going back to her place because she will feel more secure and comfortable.

Whenever you feel afraid of taking risks when interacting with a woman, you should never let that fear control you.

There will be moments where you’ll need to risk being rejected to move the interaction forward.

Having the courage to approach a girl who you are sexually attracted to isn’t the end…

you still have to maintain that courage through the interaction.

If you let that fear prevent you from expressing yourself, especially if what you have to say or do might be a bit risky, she will notice that fear and she may feel turned off.

Mistake #3. Not adjusting to a girl’s vibe.

So many guys when they flirt, start saying anything to seem talkative and confident to the point where funny and witty quickly becomes weird and creepy and the girl is turned off.

This is why you have to pay attention to how a girl is reacting to what you are saying or doing.

So you know exactly if it is safe to say an edgy joke or if you should pull back a little and make her feel more comfortable.

When you adjust to her vibe you will be able to read her body language which means you can control the overall vibe of the interaction.

Most guys put all their attention on her and end up ignoring all the other signals she is sending with her behaviour which can be completely the opposite of her words.

Let me elaborate on that using a simple example.

Assuming you ask if the girl wants to hang out with you, there is a huge difference between her saying ok and oooookk.

In the latter case, it implies that the girl is not interested in hanging out with you.

You see, girls are taught from a young age to be polite and nice even when it can be inconvenient.

Sometimes, girls will talk to you a lot longer than they would want to because they can’t find a socially acceptable way to leave and they don’t want to look rude.

This is why reading her body language is so important so you know whether she is having fun talking to you or not.

So the next time you find yourself flirting with a girl, notice how she is reacting.

For example, 

  • Is she keeping all her attention focused on you or she is avoiding eye contact?
  • When you place your arm around her shoulders, does she tense up or does she relax into you?

If you notice all these signs, you can adjust accordingly to avoid being creepy.

If not, you might cross the line without realising it and she will be turned off.

Let’s say the girl feels uncomfortable when you place your hand around her waist during the date, for example,…..

Instead of keeping your hand wrapped around her waist, you will need to withdraw a bit until she starts to feel more comfortable.

Mistake #4. Being unsure of yourself

Now, this is something that I used to struggle with.

One time, I went on a date with a girl but I became so nervous because she was my ideal type.

She had an adorable personality, cute eyes and a smile. So I wanted her to be my girlfriend.

I became so nervous to a point where whenever I made a joke and she didn’t laugh, I would make a mental note of it.

So I stopped making any more jokes altogether.

In reality, I just didn’t make a decision and stick to it.

I wasn’t sure of myself.

I wasn’t even sure and confident about my jokes.

At one moment, I tried to go for a kiss but hesitated and waited for the perfect moment. I ended up not going for it.

The sad thing is, this girl asked me why I didn’t try to kiss her. But this was months later when she had moved on.

She told me that she would have been ok with it.

Imagine how embarrassed I felt then?

This shows the importance of being 100% committed to your actions.

So the next time you are going to do something like asking a girl out, kissing a girl, asking a girl back to your place, do it 100% and don’t hold back.

Girls like guys who are sure of themselves because it shows confidence and leadership.

Now you should be adjusting to her vibe to see if she is visibly bothered.

But unless you can see from her body language that she is offended, own everything you say you will do even if it might not seem that you are cool.

Never try to wait for the perfect moment to take action.

Why? Because you might have to wait for a very long time.

Decide what you are going to do and go for it.

Now let me remind you this…..

even if she doesn’t accept your advances, she will at least respect you for going after what you want which might be easier for you the next time you try again.

On the other hand, if you are always second-guessing yourself, girls will easily pick up on this and it will turn them off.

Back to the example, I gave, the girl turned me down when I asked her out for a second date.

Girls resent any sort of indecisiveness.

So while interacting with a girl like out on a date and during an approach, do what comes naturally to you and never second guess your actions.

Mistake #5. Giving away your masculine power.

Young is girl is rejecting boy on the street.

This is basically when you start letting a girl boss you around and walk all over you.

Guys give away their power thinking that it will make the girl happy and make her like them more, but this will just instead push the girl away.

And we all know of guys who act tough around their friends and never take shit from anyone.

But if you put such a guy next to a cute girl, he goes from a tiger to a pussycat.

All of a sudden he starts agreeing with whatever a girl says and starts being super polite and friendly.

If you give a girl your power, and can’t stand up for yourself with her, it will turn her off in no time.

Why? Because women are attracted to powerful guys. Strong guys never give away their power.

There are few ways on how to retain your power;

i) Not backing down whenever a beautiful girl challenges you.

Girls challenge you to test your masculinity. Most of the time, girls do it even without even realizing it.

Girls have feminine energy which is attracted to masculine energy.

For example, a girl will try to disagree with what you are saying or refuse to follow your lead to see whether you would stand your ground.

Because most guys are always eager to please and impress beautiful girls, they always go with whatever the girl says and wants, aka they follow the girl’s lead.

This causes any attraction a girl has started to feel for a guy to die.

You become like all the other 99% of the guys who went with whatever the girl said to get into her pants.

ii) Learn to say no to a girl.

Never let her make you do something that you do not want to do.

Never tolerate bad behaviours from girls. Just as you would never tolerate shit from any other person.

You should know as a man that any beautiful woman will always challenge your power to make sure that you are mentally strong enough.

When you are always eager to please a girl by doing whatever she asks you to do even when it is inconvenient to you…

you will turn into a pushover in no time. And girls are not attracted to guys they can walk all over.

If you give your power away she will immediately know that you are emotionally weak. She will be turned off and eventually break up with you.

Final Thoughts

So when you follow and put into action the above information, you will separate yourself from most guys out there.

Your success at attracting girls will be more about avoiding mistakes that are holding you back.

So, bro, that is it!

Those were the 5 Terrible Dating Mistakes You Can Make Today And Push Girls Away

If you have digged this article, I would love it if you share it with your homies!

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