11 Reasons Why Girls Prefer To Date Bad Boys Over Nice Guys

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Girls like nice guys.

Why? Because everyone wants to be with people who are nice to them.


One: Most girls are not sexually attracted to nice guys.

Two: Nice guys aren’t actually “nice”.  They’re nice with an agenda: to sleep with the girl or start a relationship.

On a primal level, traits of nice guys – the opposite of bad boy traits – make them look less attractive to girls.

Why are nice guys not attractive to most girls?

  • Nice guys are needy.
  • They put girls on a pedestal so they try to impress hot girls.
  • They are indecisive and let girls lead.
  • Nice guys are boring.
  • Nice guys are predictable. Thus, not exciting.
  • Nice guys are timid.
  • Nice guys are people, pleasers because they tiptoe around people not to offend them.
  • They aren’t authentic. Their niceness comes with strings attached. And girls see through their bullshit.

Do girls like bad boys?

Yeah, girls do like bad boys. Girls like bad boys not because they are “bad”, but because of the attractive traits they possess.

Girls like bad boys because of their traits that attract girls on a primal level. Girls like bad boys because of their traits like Confidence, assertiveness, dominance, leadership, decisiveness, unpredictability, carefreeness, mystery, unreactivity, authenticity, unique style and nice physic.

Why do girls like bad boys?

Let’s get started!

#1. Bad boys are dominant.

What’s that one trait that will have any girl feel attracted to you no time?


It’s the impression that you’re a dominant man.

Bad boys carry themselves with dominant behaviours.

And I’m not talking about jerks who go around barking at everyone with a loud ass voice to show how dominant they are.

Bad boys don’t go around displaying their dominance by putting everyone down.

Then, how do bad boys display dominance that makes girls feel wet around them?

It’s through their body language. By the way, they carry themselves.

They send nonverbal cues that tell that hot chic you fantasize about “hey, I’m cool and attractive”.

What are the dominant and confident behaviours that make girls like bad boys?

i) They speak slow.

Bad boys do not speak fast because they aren’t scared of anything. They are not in a rush.

A bad boy speaks slow and this shows girls that he is confident in himself and not anxious.

ii) A bad boy walks slow.

He walks slowly because he is not in a hurry. Nice guys tend to walk very fast because they are scared of the people around them.

A bad boy takes slow and shoulder-wide steps which makes the bad boy look incredibly sexy.

Taking quick and short steps is feminine. It makes any guy doing it look girly. It is a turn off for girls. It is never sexy if a guy does it.

iii) A bad boy makes strong eye contact

A lot of guys are guilty of making weak eye contact with girls. Strong eye contact shows confidence.

Weak eye contact shows weakness and insecurity.

Prolonged strong eye contact makes the bad boy look incredibly sexy to the girl.

iv) The bad boy walks with his head high

Guess what walking with your head down communicates to girls?

It communicates to the girl that you’re a hell of a loser.

Ever noticed how players of a soccer team that has lost a match walk after the game?

Yeah! That’s it: they walk with their heads down.

When a bad boy walks with his head high, he communicates to women around that he is dominant, sure of himself and a winner in life.

Nice guys are guilty of walking while looking down which makes them look unattractive.

v) He walks straight.

It shows that you are a loser whenever you walk with your head down. It shows that your life is miserable.

Walking with a slouchy posture communicates to girls that you are the loser. It shows weakness.

On a primal level, girls will find you attractive if you walk with a straight posture because it shows you are physically strong.

You will be communicating to any attractive girl’s primal part of the brain that “I’m dominant and capable of protecting you and your offspring”

A straight posture of a bad boy tells girls that he is a potential mate.

vi) Bad boys have an open body language

An open body language communicates to girls that he strong and not scared of the world.

Why? Because he is making himself vulnerable. It shows girls that he ain’t scared of anything.

A closed body language shows that a guy is weak and hiding from the world.

He is hiding from the world because he is weak and can’t protect himself.

If a girl sees a nice guy with closed body language, her primal instinct will be telling her something like “hey, how will he protect me yet, he is hiding from the world?”

Vii) A bad boy speaks with a clear and loud voice

His voice is clear and loud because he isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

He doesn’t care so much about what others think of him. He isn’t scared of being judged.

Speaking with a soft voice makes a guy seem like a girl. It makes him look feminine.

And girls are attracted to masculinity and repelled by femininity.

Those were the behaviours of a bad boy that signal dominance to women.

#2. Bad boys are carefree

Bad boys possess a sexy carefree vibe that girls find irresistible. They do what they want, when they want and how they want it.

This makes the life of a bad boy fun and super exciting because he doesn’t take himself and girls too seriously.

So girls want to spend all their time with the bad boys.

Because of their carefreeness, bad boys do not care what other people think of them.

A bad boy cares less if a girl likes him or not.

When he sees a hot girl, he walks straight up to her without hesitation before you guys gather up the courage to approach her.

He doesn’t care if he will be rejected or not. And girls find this attitude super attractive.

It’s super attractive because guys like that are rare. A guy who is not phased if a girl likes him or not.

A guy who isn’t needy, who’s carefree and doesn’t need a girl’s validation or approval.

#3. Bad boys are decisive

“What do you want us to do?”

“Where should we go for our date?”

“Is it ok to hold your hand?”

“What are we going to eat?”

“Whatever you want us to do, I’m ok with it?”

Hell! Somebody slap the sh*t out of that son of a bi**ch.

A girl is not going to prefer you to other men just because you’re being a p**sy.

Bad boys are decisive and go after what they want without beating around the bush or seeking the girl’s permission.

If the girl doesn’t like his plan, he adjusts or moves on.

When a bad boy sees the girl he wants, he goes after her without second-guessing himself.

Whenever he asks a girl out, he has a plan for the date. He doesn’t ask the girl what to do. He doesn’t first seek a girl’s authorization.

He makes a decision and sticks to it. He doesn’t easily change his decision once he has made up his mind.

#4. They have a sense of humour.

Girls like bad boys because of their sense of humour.

For this reason, it makes bad boys fun to hang around. They never take themselves and life too seriously.

It’s for this reason that girls feel comfortable around bad boys. Girls also feel comfortable around a bad boy because he will never judge them.

A bad boy knows that girls too, love sex. Just like he does. So girls will easily have sex with a bad boy.

#5. Bad boys are unpredictable.

Their unpredictability makes bad boys exciting. A girl will never guess what he is about to do next.

Girls aren’t attracted to nice guys because they are the exact opposite – predictable and boring.

On the other hand, a bad boy will always keep the girl guessing. His girl can’t predict his next move.

He won’t always be eager to reply to her texts and phone calls. Above all, the girl isn’t so sure if the bad boy is all hers or not.

When a girl is dating a nice guy, she will always be sure that he will be there whenever she wants him.

That nicely brings me to our next point.

#6. They are a challenge.

Do you think any attractive woman on this planet, will be like…“I feel like having sex with Chris. He’s always there whenever I want him”? 

Hell, No!

Girls love bad boys because bad boys aren’t easy to swoon over. They aren’t eager to get out of their way and do things that will make the woman like them.

When you’re always available to pick her up from work, comfort her and solve her problems, you’re going to be way more important to her. More important than the other guy she likes but doesn’t do for her much favours.


You’re going to be less valuable in her eyes. And your perceived value is the more crucial thing. It’s how she values you that’s going to get her into a romantic relationship with you or your bed.

“Women are unfair. Why do they prefer men who aren’t always available blah blah blah?

Don’t be quick to judge because it’s how our psychology – as humans – is: we put more value to things that are less accessible.

Why do you think gold is more valuable than water?

Could it be that gold is more important than water?

Of course, not! I do not think of any significant importance of gold. But you can only last for a maximum of three days without water. Yes! THREE days.

Gold is more valuable than water because it’s scarce. It provides humans with a greater challenge to find 10 pounds of gold than a million pounds of water.

Let me repeat it because it’s too good damn important…


You have to create scarcity.

Just look at how diamond traders do: they withhold diamonds so that they do not flood the market which keeps the demand, and therefore, the price of diamonds high.

How does a bad boy create scarcity?

He assumes that he can attract any hot girl. A bad boy knows that there are many pretty girls out there.

He is willing to walk away from a girl so that keeps him as a challenge for the girl.

A bad boy also does nice things for the girl.


On condition that she has earned his affections. If a girl does something that a bad boy doesn’t like – and not willing to change- he walks away without looking back.

So that when a bad boy finally settles down with a girl, she will feel like she earned his affections.

Girls find nice guys less attractive because nice guys are easy to get. They aren’t a challenge.

She knows she doesn’t have to do much to earn a nice guy’s affections and attention.

Who values things they haven’t earned?

None, right?

#7. Bad boys are unreactive.

Bad boys are not phased by pitty things that take place around them. They remain focused on what is important.

When a nice guy or jerk says something to demean a bad boy, he remains in control.

He doesn’t become reactive, enter an argument or act defensively. He acts as nothing has happened.

Because bad boys are always cool and calm, girls find them incredibly sexy.

#8. Bad boys are leaders

Bad boys have incredible leadership skills because they take initiative.

If something needs to be done, the bad boy doesn’t just sit there to wait for permission or the right time.

He just goes ahead and does what is necessary. This makes other men naturally follow him.

Bad boys are also men of action.

They do what needs to be done without procrastinating and thinking too much about a situation.

So this makes bad boys have a higher social status. This attracts girls because girls put a lot of emphasis on a guy’s social status.

#9. Bad boys live their life.

Girls like bad boys because bad boys put a lot of focus on creating the life they want. Bad boys create awesome lives that are worth living.

This makes girls want to date bad boys so that they can be part of the bad boy’s awesome life.

Even if a bad boy gets a hot girl, he doesn’t put all his happiness on the girl.

On the other hand, when a nice guy starts to date a hot girl, he immediately makes her the most important thing in his life.

The nice guy will drop his hobbies, goals and friends because he is dating a hot girl.

After some time, the nice guy starts to become clingy which makes the girl lose attraction to him.

He becomes needy because he is placing all his happiness in the hot girl. 

#10. Bad boys dress well.

Attractive confident bad boys

It is extremely rare to find a bad boy dressed like a slob. Girls like bad boys because bad boys have a keen sense of dressing style.

They dress in clothes that are slim fit with appropriate accessories. This makes bad boys look so attractive to girls.

They look so attractive because they are not dressed like any average guy.

#11. Bad boys hit the gym.

Girls like bad boys because they have an awesome physique. Bad boys are often in shape.

Exercise increases the levels of testosterone which raises their confidence and dominance.

This confidence makes them attractive to girls.

#12. Bad boys are authentic

Bad boys are true to themselves. When he likes you, he won’t hide it.

When you do something he doesn’t want, he will let you know.

If a girl acts inappropriately or disrespectfully, the bad boy will call her out on it.

Girls are attracted to bad boys because a bad boy is not a pushover.

Girls are less attracted to nice guys because nice guys do not stand up for their values for fear of offending the girl.

Yes, the girl will feel happy because she wasn’t offended but she will never respect the nice guy.

And girls are never attracted to guys they do not respect. Girls are never attracted to guys they can walk all over.

Final thoughts

Girls do prefer to date bad boys over nice guys. Girls like bad boys because of the traits that attract them on a primal level.

Many of these traits are also very important to his life besides dating. So bad boys are often either successful in life or famous.

This makes bad boys even more attractive to girls.

Why do girls like bad boys?

Girls like bad boys because bad boys;

• Are dominant

• Are Carefree

• Are decisive

• Have a sense of humour

• Are unpredictable

• Are a challenge to girls

• Are unreactive

• Are leaders

• Live a life they want

• Dress well

• Hit the gym

• Authentic

I hope this article has helped you (and hey, if you think it’s cool, I’d appreciate it if you’d share it on social media.)


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