Never Ever Have Boring First Dates With Girls: 5 Proven Tips!

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Hi yo. You definitely want a first date where you and girl had fun, right?

Of course, that’s what any guy who hangs out with a girl wants.

Any guy would want a first date where the girl had fun so she will keep thinking about him after the date.

You don’t want to be in a situation where the girl ghosts you when you try to reach out to her after the first date or when you try to ask her out for a second date.

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Ever heard of an old saying “girls just want to have fun”? Well, it happens to be true!

If your first date is fun, exciting, and spontaneous the girl will do anything to meet up with you again.

In this article, I’m going to be showing you how you can make your first dates fun for you and the woman.

Tips To Not Be Boring On Your First Date With A Woman.

Let’s get right to it.

Tip #1. Ditch the dinner and movie dates!

The surest way to have a boring date is by picking a date idea that is boring too.

And that idea is, hanging out with the girl at the movie or dinner date.

The problem with dinner dates is that it puts a lot of pressure on the situation that is unnecessary.

It makes the woman put on a phoney ‘good girl’ persona that makes her feel anxious.

She would want to act like a good girl. This will give you a hard time to keep your first date fun and light.

My point is, your first date with a woman is much less likely to feel boring if she’s feeling relaxed and comfortable.

The second problem with dinner dates is that a girl may hang out with you for the sake of enjoying the expensive free meal and drinks.

The result is that you’ll seem boring to the girl because she had no interest in you, to begin with.

Let’s see the case with movie dates.

Movie dates create no room for interaction with the girl. And you’ll want to get to know each other.

That’s why you went out with her, right?

Yes, you felt attracted to her and wanted to see if the two of you match!

Yet, watching movies won’t grant you that opportunity.

Secondly, movie dates make you look like a boring person. Just imagine sitting down for hours without any real interaction.

So many guys make that blunder and then, they ask themselves why the girl seemed not to be interested in them after the first date.

It’s because all the girl will be remembering will the movie she watched, not the guy!

As a rule of thumb, you should only take the girl for movie or dinner dates after she’s your official girlfriend.

Where should you hang out with a girl on the first date?

If you want your first date with a woman to be fun, exciting, and entertaining you’ll need to hang out somewhere informal and casual.

The coolest thing about casual dates is that it puts less pressure on the woman. She doesn’t need to act like someone she isn’t.

She will naturally have fun, without you even making any effort, because she will feel relaxed and at ease.

Secondly, it is super easy to have long, and fun conversations with girls if your first date is informal.

It’s simply because you’ll both be feeling no pressure so the girl will easily open up and talk more.

Hence, she will have fun because girls love to talk. She’ll feel emotionally bonded to you. 

It won’t be like at a dinner date where she’ll always feel tense.

What do I mean by casual and informal first dates?

In simple terms, these are first dates that aren’t associated with romance.

You are just there to have fun and to know more about each other. You also just need to spend a few bucks!

Let me illustrate more using examples;

Outdoor first dates

  • Hiking
  • Visiting a local park.
  • A walk at the beach.


  • Grabbing ice cream.
  • Having drinks at a bar.
  • Eating something simple.
  • Having coffee.

Another good thing with casual dates is that it will filter out gold diggers: who are after enjoying luxurious dates.

Tip #2. You’ll have to stop filtering yourself.

What I mean is that you should stop overthinking what you have to say to a girl on your first date.

Over analysing yourself will just make you feel nervous and anxious.

It will make you look like you have nothing to share with the girl which will make you look boring.

Your ability to socially vibe will go out of the window if you keep over analysing every word you’ll have to say and every action you’ll need to take.

The point is, you need to say whatever crosses your mind without worrying about what the woman might think of you.

So long as it is something that isn’t intended to offend her!

This will help you to pull off your natural fun vibe. It will improve your sense of humour and you’ll make the girl laugh, hard.

Trust me, the girl will love it!

Guys who are willing to say what is on their mind: risking to offend the woman are rare.

It shows the woman that you’re confident and bold.

This nicely brings me to our next titrip

Tip #3. Realise that you don’t need to impress the girl on your first date.

The main reason you might feel hesitant and always in your head is that you think you need to say the right word that will impress the girl.

You don’t need to impress the girl on your first date even if that’s what some dating articles might suggest.

If you are always looking for the perfect word to impress a woman, you’ll naturally feel nervous, hesitant, and boring.

The opposite of feeling confident, relaxed, and fun.

Secondly, why should you be trying to impress a woman you barely know?

Are you that desperate, friends?

I hope not!

Remember, the main reason you are hanging out with the woman a first, second or even third date is-to get to know more about her!

Not to impress her.

If you do, it will make you feel less confident and boring.

And worst, the woman will lose attraction to you.

Women never respect or desire men, they have just met, who are trying hard to impress them.

It shows a low value. A high-value guy will only impress women who have earned it.

So, don’t focus on impressing the woman on your date. Focus on getting to know her and see if she meets your standards.

If you do, you’ll feel confident, hence the date will be fun and interesting.

Tip #4. Focus on having fun and amusing yourself.

That seems counter-intuitive and kind of selfish.

So, you might be thinking….

“I should focus on amusing myself! how about the girl?”

But, here is the reason backed by scientific research, and our everyday lives.

The reason is that emotions are highly contagious. It’s that simple.

Ever wondered why self-development gurus discourage you from surrounding yourself with pessimistic and negative people?

It’s because sooner or later you’ll take up their negative energy and be influenced by it.

Back to our point.

If you have a focus on having fun, amusing yourself, and enjoying the moment (your first date) the girl will take up your emotions: of fun, joy, happiness, and pleasure.

Similarly, if you’re feeling nervous, uncertain, and worried about the outcome, the girl will pick up your emotions too-of boredom!

The whole point is, if you want to not be boring on your date with a woman, then you’ll have to put less focus on what you want out of your first date (A next date, sex, the girl to like you, looking cool, getting a girlfriend)

Shift that focus on enjoying the moment, having fun, and self-amusement.

The results shall take care of themselves because the girl will love you a lot for it.

Tip #5. Ditch logical topics.

There is nothing that makes your date with a woman boring than talking about heavy and logical topics.

You should avoid bringing up topics that are boring to almost any woman on a te-highly logical and heavy topics.

Topics on;

  • Politics
  • Science
  • Religion.
  • Bussines.
  • Software.

If you want your first date to be memorable, you will need to focus on topics that are interesting to almost any woman: emotionally relevant topics.

Topics like;

  • Food and cooking.
  • Entertainment: music, movies, celebrity gossip.
  • Fashion.
  • Hobbies, and passions.
  • Childhood memories.
  • Travel: Trips, tours and vacations.
  • Pets: Animal rescue.

The truth is, if the woman isn’t a nerd (which is most likely to be), she won’t give a damn about the performance of the Amazon stock during the covid pandemic.

Essentially, you’ll have to keep the reasons why PS4 is better than X Box one for your nerd friends.

Talk about the last trip you went to, or bring up a conversation about the divorce of Angelina Jolie from Brad Pitt and the girl will feel excited to listen to you, and contribute.

Tip #6. Flirt with the girl.

Girls love flirting. Something that comes naturally to almost any woman.

But it is the same thing that so many guys struggle with.

Flirting is subtle, and indirect, yet as men, we are naturally very logical and direct.

Thus, some guys would rather communicate their interest in a woman on their first date verbally and directly.

That is boring and predictable!

It also makes you look like you’re desperate for the woman’s affections.

If you want your you to be fun and unpredictable, you should flirt with the girl.

Show your interest indirectly and subtly rather than verbally and direct- by flirting with the girl.

You won’t come off as boring and predictable like a good number of men.

So, during your first date flirt with the girl.


  • Playfully tease the girl. Lightly push her when she says something sarcastic.
  • Make strong eye contact with a smile.
  • Touch the girl. Wrap your arm around her shoulders, hug her, hold her hand.

If you flirt with the girl, your date will be fun and she won’t wait to meet up with you for another date.

In conclusion.

Having a first date that is fun and exciting isn’t complicated though many make it seem like it is.

If you follow only the above tips, I guarantee that your date will be fun and your chances of seeing the girl again will be high.

And if you fall short, don’t beat yourself up because no one is perfect, and you don’t need to.

What I’ve given you are the fundamentals.

And that’s all you’ll ever need to have fun first dates. I didn’t give you 13 or 15 tips because I don’t want you to overthink things-so it was unnecessary.

How to not be boring on your first date with a girl, in summary.

  1. Ditch dinner and movie dates.
  2. Never filter yourself: Speak your mind.
  3. Focus on having fun and amusing yourself.
  4. You don’t need to impress the woman
  5. Ditch logical and heavy topics.
  6. Tease the girl.

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