Hey Friend! Call me professor.

I’m a teacher by profession who teaches biology and chemistry in high school. I was born on (6th-04-1993)

I am naturally introverted, and often shy though some people who see me think am otherwise.

In my high school, I didn’t do a lot of dating because…

1. I was a bookworm and focused too much on academics (remember I was studying biology, chemistry and physics which demanded a lot of concentration)

2. As I said, I was shy and super introverted guy.

In my high school, I had some girls who showed interest in me, but l was focused on my academics. So, I didn’t take dating seriously through out my high school.

Some girls who showed interest in me were average looking girls, but I’m a guy who likes to date hot girls. So I could not and refused to settle for anything less.

After high school, most of the girls who were attracted to me without doing a thing were average looking (the 5s and 6s).

I couldn’t attract the kind of girls that I really wanted. (atleast 7s and 8s).

So when I joined college, I had to do something about it. I had to learn how to attract the kind of girls I really liked.

I read everything I could come across on how to attract women.

I read a lot of psychology about what attracts a woman to a man.

I manned up, threw my shyness away and talked to every chic that caught my attention. I failed a lot, but what I can tell you is…

I also learned a lot about women. So I saw some improvements as a result.

In college I managed to attract and have sex with a few better looking girls than the ones I used to attract. (the 7s and 8s)

But again (may be because am over ambitious) I’m still improving and I want to get into a long term relationship with a 9 or a 10.

Currently I’m able to attract and get laid with atleast the 8s.

However, it is only you to determine the kind of girls that you find attractive. Every guy has his own taste when it comes to girls. For me, the 9s and 10s are girls who are hot and have a lot of shit going on in their lives besides looks. They are hot girls with a bonus.

But this is my taste. You should also find out what you like in a girl.

Basically, even though I have not yet reached where I would ideally want to be when it comes to attracting women, my success is way beyond the success I had ever imagined.

And I can say, I am so grateful that I started this journey.

And what I have realized is that things that attract women are not so complicated like you might think.

Simple acts like keeping eye contact and not kissing girls’ asses by giving them shitty compliments about their looks will separate you from so many guys out there. There are so many other things that I shall be sharing with you.

When you do a few of the simple acts I share, lots of girls will start to chase you because you will be a rare commodity.

You will have sex with girls who other guys spend lots of money on just to get into their pants.

So, with my blog, I will be sharing with you all the knowledge and psychology that you need not only to attract women, but also keep your relationships satisfying.

Forget about all those pick up tricks that tell you what you need to say to a girl, or what to text to a girl.

Though these tricks work, they work for a very short period of time because they are focused on the girl.

Getting a girl is easy for most guys, but most of the work comes when you have to keep a girl faithful and always attracted to you.

Remember, over 70% of divorces are filed by women.

All the knowledge I will share is focused on you. It will help you attract women by just being yourself and most important of all, they will make you a better person. You will have other aspects of your life improved.

You will be much better than if you were cramming pick up routines.

Though it may take you some time to attract very hot girls (the 10s), you will be much better immediately after reading my content.

When you read and practice my knowledge, your life in general will improve and attracting hot women will just be a side effect.

And that’s how you want to be. You do not want a beautiful woman to be the best thing going on in your life.

Even when you don’t become the ideal person you would want to be, your life will be way better than if you hadn’t started this journey with me.

Like in my example, I am naturally introverted and I feel kinda shy in some situations. I’m not 100% where I want to get and I’m constantly improving.

But I’m way better than I was and am very proud for starting this journey.

I wish you nothing but peace, luck and hapiness.