Should You Tell The Girl That You Like Her On Your First Date

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Hello Bro!

So, you’re preparing to go for your first date with that hottie you asked out, but…

you’re feeling like you will need to tell the girl that you like her or that you find her attractive…

Or else, she might think that you have no true romantic feelings for her, and friend zone you.

Probably, you might be thinking that by telling the girl how much you like her, she will like you back.

News flash!

It doesn’t work that way.

The girl shall like you not because you like her so much…

She’ll like you because you have traits that are attractive to women.

In the following part of this article, I’m going to be showing how you can show the girl that you find her attractive, and also build that sexual attraction that shall make her fall for you…

a.k.a you’ll be hitting two birds with a single stone.


Should You Tell The Girl That You Like Her On Your Date?

No! You shouldn’t tell the girl that you like her on your first date.

You don’t need to.


It’s simple….

• The fact that you asked her out shows the girl that you have feelings for her.

• The best way to tell the girl that you like her is through using your body language. And I’m going to be showing you how you can pull it off.

• If you verbally tell the girl that you like her, you will look desperate. And the girl might resent for it.

• Telling the girl how you feel for her on a first date kills the mystery.

• Girls love to fall for guys who are a challenge. Guys who tell girls how they have a lot of feelings for them aren’t a challenge.

So, if telling the girl that you like her on your first date isn’t a good idea, what should you do?

It’s isn’t rocket science.

Show it!

Show the girl that you like her using your body language.

Believe me, bro, she’ll know.

Because women are naturally good at reading body language.

So, how should you let the girl know that you have romantic feelings for her on your first date?

Let her know that you’re interested in her by using subtle, and/or playful ways.

It’s called FLIRTING with her.

And, she’ll love it.

How Should You Let The Girl Know That You Like Her On Your First Date?

#1. Make strong, and prolonged eye contact with her.

During your conversations with the girl on the date, keep making strong eye contact with her from time to time.

Prolonged eye contact with the opposite sex is sexual and romantic.

You will have to couple your eye contact with a smile.

If you keep doing this, the girl’s intuition will let her know that you are sexually attracted to her.

Strong eye contact shows the girl that you’re confident and dominant.

A trait that makes women melt around men.

#2. Compliment the girl.

Complimenting the girl is a good way of subtly letting the girl know that you find her sexually attractive.

That being said, you should only compliment the girl on things she has placed effort into like…

Her dress.

• Her hair.

• Her shoes.

• Accessories.

• Her passions.

• The girl’s achievements.

• Anything unique that you’ve liked about her personality.

You can say things like;

• “You’ve looked lovely in that dress tonight”

• “You’re looking sexy in those shoes”

• “You have so much positive energy, I’ve loved it about you.

You should never compliment the girl’s looks.

It isn’t genuine.

It isn’t unique, and it comes off as boring.

Friend, trust me when I say that you won’t be the first one to tell her that she has adorable eyes.

If the girl you’re going to meet on your first date is hot, she will have heard thousands of compliments on her looks.

So don’t do it.

Complimenting the girl on things she has put effort into rather than on her looks shall immediately separate you from a ton of guys out there.

She’ll treat you special, and fall for you because you’re simply different, and a rare guy to find.

So, instead of telling the girl that you like her which shall make you look needy, just compliment her.

#3. Touch her.

You should find a way of touching the girl so often.

Touching the girl will let her know that you find her attractive.

And, her female intuition shall pick it up.

You should touch the girl in a way that won’t make her feel uncomfortable.

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid touching the girl on her sexual parts like her breasts, and butt.

You should avoid touching the girl in a way that will make her feel like a sl#t in front of the people around.

Your touches should also feel gentle, and not forced.

That is, don’t make touching the girl seem like a big deal.

You can touch the girl by;

• Placing your arm around her shoulders.

• Placing your arm around her waist. This shall depend on how comfortable the girl feels, the surrounding, and society.

• Holding hands.

• Giving her high fives.

• Touching her upper arm.

• Placing your hand on her lower back. Like when you’re leading her somewhere.

Touching will also help you to build an emotional connection with the girl.

If the girl feels like she’s emotionally connected to you, she won’t say things like…

“Sorry, but I didn’t feel any chemistry between us!” when you ask her out for the second date.

#4. Kill the physical space.

During your first date, you should make sure that you get close to the girl as much as possible.

It shall clearly let her know that you want to be more than just friends with her.

People who are feeling intimacy for each other are always close to each other.

And friends are always some distance apart from one another.

Killing the physical space shall also make touching the girl super easy.

You should get close to the girl by;

• Sharing the same seat, if you can.

• Walking close to the girl.

• Walking whilst holding hands if you can.

Hugging the girl during your first date.

• Having the girl to sit on your lap.

In conclusion.

Letting the girl know that you’re interested in her during your first date is a good idea.

But, telling the girl verbally that you like her on your first date isn’t a good idea.

Again, saying to the girl “I like you” shall mean nothing.

Because her intuition shall be focusing on your body language rather than your words!

By saying things like “I really like you, and I would love it if you became my girlfriend”…

You’ll seem like you’re coming off too strong.

So, that’s it, bro!

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