Why She Acted Interested But Then Rejected You-How To Respond!

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• “Oh, I’m busy this week.” (But, she doesn’t provide an alternative)

• “You seem a great guy, but I’m just not feeling that way.”

• “You are a nice guy. I think we should just remain friends!”

• “I’m not ready to date at the moment.”

Hello Friend!

Do those words sound familiar?

They are words of a girl who is rejecting you.

Early on, the same girl might have been;

• Smiling at you all the time.

• Spending time with you whenever you wanted to hang out.

Keeping a conversation going.

• Laughing at your jokes.

• Touching you all the time.

• Staring in your eyes.

But, when you finally invited her on a date, she declined!

At night, while you laid in your bed, you kept thinking…

• “Why did she reject me yet, she liked me?”

• “What should I do?”

Well, this article is all about the answers to the two questions!

Why Would A Girl Act Interested But Then Reject You?

#1. The girl just wants you as a friend.

A girl may seem interested in you but reject you when you finally make a move because she’s interested in you in a friendly, but not romantic way.

Probably, she could have had romantic feelings for you at first.

Because of some mistakes you made, she friend-zoned!

So, she can’t have a relationship with you because she’s considering you as a friend.

The girl might have lost romantic feelings for you because;

• You spent a lot of time with her. So, you became less valuable and less attractive. Therefore, she can’t date you.

• You delayed making the move, and the girl’s romantic feelings for you faded. Dating moves very fast in the 21st century, remember!

• The girl moved on when you delayed making the move. She might have started dating some other guy.

#2. You just misread her signs.

A girl may seem to be interested in you not because she feels that way, but because you misinterpreted her friendly behaviour as her having romantic feelings for you.

Some girls are just friendly and outgoing.

Chances are, she could be doing the same to other guys too.

So, the girl seemed like she was interested in you because she was just being friendly to you.

She simply didn’t have any romantic feelings for you and that’s why she had to reject your attempt.

#3. The girl just wanted your attention.

Whenever she was around you;

She was always blushing around you.

• She texted back immediately whenever you texted her.

• She was always touchy around you and caressing you.

• She stared at you with flirtatious eyes.

• She would always pick your calls whenever you called her.

• She was always smiling at you.

The girl could have done all the above to manipulate you.

All the flirtations and signals of interest could have been faked!

Therefore, she rejected you even though she seemed to be interested in you because she was just leading you on, so that, you could keep giving her male attention, and validation that she’s beautiful.

A girl will need your attention for the following reasons;

• So you keep complementing and liking her pics on social media.

• You had some sense of humour, so she wanted someone to entertain her whenever she felt bored.

• Keep texting her whenever she felt bored.

• She wanted someone to talk to whenever she felt bored.

• She wanted to have you on a list of guys who are interested in her. It boosts her self-esteem.

#4. The girl was just keeping you as a backup.

The girl felt less attracted to you.

Probably, she could have had some other guys she was interested in but wasn’t sure whether she could have them.

So, the girl kept flirting with you and showing you signs of interest not because she wanted to date you, but because she was just keeping you around for the near future just in case she failed to get the kind of guy she wanted.

So, it will up to you bro!


To move on and date other girls. (Only if you believe there are countless numbers of young, beautiful women out there besides that girl you’re obsessed over.)


Keep around hoping, and praying that she fails to find the kind of guy she wants.

Personally, I would prefer the former!

Because even if flatterer happens, the girl will be less like…..

to respect you, she will have more power in the relationship, and the relationship will be more likely to end sooner.

#5. She was simply being flirty.

A woman with flirtatious looks


The girl acted like she was romantically interested but later rejected you because she had no romantic feelings for you.

She just loves flirting with guys.

And, she does the same to other guys too!

So, watch out to see if she’s constantly flirting with every other guy she interacts with.

Basically, her flirting means nothing because it will never go beyond that.

#6. She wasn’t ready to date.

Some girls can act indecisive whenever it comes to making big decisions.

So, she might be interested in you, but not ready to date at that moment.

But, this is rare.

And, you shouldn’t count on it!


• She could have just come from an abusive, and toxic relationship.

(And I’m not saying that you should try to find out then try to solve her problems just because you think she will fall for you for being such a nice guy.

It works well in movies, but rarely in real life.)

• There are family issues. Her parents won’t approve the fact that she’s dating you.

#7. You made a move on her in a wrong way.

The girl will act interested but reject you if you make a move because you asked her out, or made a move on her in a wrong way.

You asked her out in front of her friends. So, she rejected you even when she was interested in you because she felt nervous since you had put her on the spot.

• You tried to stick your tongue in her mouth when you went for the first kiss.

• You invited her on a date in a way that was too formal like “Will you go out on a dinner date with me?”.

The problem with this approach is it rarely works unless the girl is too attracted to you, and isn’t shy.

It makes the girl feel nervous.

This makes the girl know right off the bat that you want to date her which will make her hesitant, and indecisive.

She will start to have thoughts like “Do I have to date this guy?” a.k.a she will start to come up with reasons as to why she needs not to go on a date with you.

#8. The woman was shit testing you.

Any woman finds self-confidence, and self-control in a man super attractive.

And, the reverse is true.

So, a girl who is interested in you will reject you if you make a move because she will be shit testing you.

She does this without thinking about it.

It’s a primal instinct that women have to test guys they are interested in.

The woman wants to see if you truly have the self-confidence that you keep portraying while interacting with her.

Or, you were just faking the self-confidence yet, you are weak on the inside.

Attractive women can easily find men to hook up with, date, and start a relationship.

As a result, they instinctively develop a filter to filter out any emotionally weak man, so they can hook up with a few men who are truly self-confident and have emotional control.

The woman will act interested but then reject you because she wants to see if you won’t crack down and;

• Start pleading, and begging her to hang out with you.

• Start kissing the floor she walks on so that she can develop an interest in you.

• Start crying, and mourning.

• Start to verbally insult her saying things like “You’re such b!@$h. Why did you keep flirting me yet, you didn’t like me!

• Getting angry, and throwing tantrums.

After rejecting you, such women may start to show you more interest or even start to chase you when you show them that you’re willing to walk away from them.

After all, she was interested you in the first place, and you showed her that you are a strong and confident guy

That’s only if you didn’t lose your cool, and cracked down after she rejected you!

To Recap.

Why the girl acted interested but then rejected you.

● The girl just wanted you as a friend.

● You misread her signals of interest.

● She just wanted your male attention.

● The girl was just keeping you as a backup.

● She was just being flirty.

● She wasn’t ready to date.

● You made the move the wrong way.

● The woman was just shit testing you.

What Should You Do After The Girl Has Rejected Yo?.

#1. Invest in yourself.

• Create more hobbies.

• Pursue your hobbies.

• Hang out with friends.

• Hang out with family.

• Chase your goals, not the girl.

• Improve in your career/job/profession.

• Work out, and eat healthily.

• Dress well.

All that shall make you a high-value guy that every woman would want to date.

Attractive women date you, and love you because you add value to their lives, remember!

Just like they have to work hard in the gym to keep that sexy body you feel attracted to.

That’s why you should never subscribe to the notion of

• “Just be yourself, and women will like you.”

• ” Look for women who will love you the way you are”

The only women who will ever love you the way you areares your mom, and your sisters!

So, improve your value, and you will start caring less about whether girls reject you or not.

#2. Move on.

A man moving on from a woman who rejected him


If the girl has rejected you, for whatever reason, you will have to move on.

Never keep around, or befriend her hoping that she might consider you shortly.

It will be a waste of your time.


Are you that less attractive, and desperate bro!

I don’t think so.

So, whenever a girl rejects you, move on.

Go, and look for plenty of attractive girls out there who would be interested in dating you.

If the girl comes back to you, well and good.

Make the move as soon as possible. You don’t want to waste any more time.

Ask her to hang out with you, or to come over to your place and take her to pound town.

If she keeps fooling around then you will have to move on, and never look back.

#3. Give her space.

Never chase the girl after she has rejected you.

Because it won’t take you anywhere!

Don’t call her.

• Don’t text her.

• Don’t try starting conversations with her.

• Don’t beg her to hang out with you.

• Don’t try to convince her to hang out with you.

Chasing the girl will just make you look less attractive, and you will look desperate.

The girl shall see it as a red flag!

“Why is he so needy like that? Does it mean no other beautiful girl likes him?”, she thinks.

If you want to keep her as a friend, I have no hate for you.

But, don’t become her friend just because you can’t get over the fact that she rejected you.

If she gets back to you after you’ve given her some space, make a move.

If she doesn’t reach out to you like after a whole month, then you will need to move on.

#4. Don’t beat yourself up.

Never have thoughts like;

“I wish I had not asked her out.”

• “I knew she was never going to date me.”

• “I’m a loser with women.”

• ” I will never ask any girl out ever again.”

Rejection from a woman is a good thing!

• It shows that you’re a bold guy who goes after what you want.

• It saves you time, and energy you would have wasted on a woman who has no feelings for you.

• After each rejection, you will be closer to success. You will have removed a girl who isn’t interested in you out of your way.

Bro, you should feel proud of yourself that you made a move.

And the woman will respect you.

That’s why a few girls will get back to you after rejecting you.

Because so many guys don’t since they are always scared of rejection!

Like I said, rejection is something you should celebrate not something to avoid.

To Recap.

What Should You Do Now That The Girl Has Rejected Yo?.

● Invest in yourself.

● Move on.

● Give her space to see if she will get back to you.

● Don’t beat yourself up.

In conclusion.

When looking out for reasons as to why the girl acted interested but then rejected you, look out for several reasons before you draw any conclusions.

If the girl comes back to you after rejecting you, it shall be up to you to get back with her or let it go.

Again if the girl rejects you, it shall also be up to you to keep her as a friend, or completely move on.

That’s it, friends!

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