11 Kinds Of Questions Girls Ask When They Like You: How To Respond

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When a girl likes you she will want to stay in a conversation with you.

One way of doing this is by asking you questions. Some of these questions are deep and personal questions.

And that’s what this article is all about.

Let’s get started.


What Kind Of Questions Do Girls Ask When She Likes You?

These are common questions that girls ask so that they can get an opportunity to talk to you, touch you or spend time with you.

Random questions

1. Questions that ask for your opinion

Sometimes a girl may not necessarily need your opinion. It could just be an excuse to talk to you.

You may have to look for other signals of interest like whether she is making prolonged eye contact, smiling a lot, widened eyelids or nervousness.

Bonus tip: You may also use such questions as an excuse to start a conversation and talk to a girl you’ve just met or to approach an attractive girl who is by herself.

For example,

You may say something like “hey, I need a quick female opinion on something”.

If she is ok with it, you may add something like “my cousin sister has a birthday, which gift may I surprise her with?”

#2. Questions asking you to hang out.

This is also a strong sign that a girl likes you. However, it is somewhat rare.

Girls rarely ask guys they like out for fear of rejection and disappointment.

Another reason is that girls do not want to take responsibility for anything that leads to sex with a guy she has just met or a guy she isn’t exclusive with.

Some girls who are assertive and can’t stand it may go ahead and ask you out.

If you are interested in her, you should make sure that you plan for the date. You should never let the girl lead.

You can let her make some suggestions like where you should hang out or when you should hang out.

You should never let the girl plan for your entire dates like letting her decide where you hang out, the time, date and activity.

If you do, she will not respect you. And for that reason, her attraction for you will die.

#3. Questions asking you for a favour.

Again, a girl may ask you for a favour not necessarily because she needs it.

She will ask for a favour as an opportunity to talk to you, be with you or even touch you.

One way of knowing that she surely likes you, and didn’t need the favour, is when she asks for a favour that she can do for herself


if she could have asked it from a nearby person or someone qualified.

You may also look out for other signals of interest to see whether she actually needed your favour or if she just wanted to get close to you.

#4. Questions that invite you for social activity.

A social activity

A girl may ask you a question that invites you to a social activity like a party.

A girl would want to use this as an opportunity to get in touch and, have some fun with you like dancing.

Questions about yourself

These are some of the common questions girls ask if they like you.

Most of these are deeper questions she would never ask anyone.

5. Questions about your name.

This is a kind of question usually asked by a girl you have just met.

When a girl you have just met asks for your name, it is a big sign that she has some interest in you.

A girl who is not interested in you will never ask for your name. She will just ignore you.

When she asks for your name, it signals the right time to move the interaction further by asking for her number.

However, this can also apply to a girl who has just entered your social circle.

If she likes you and has noticed some cool things about you, she will try to ask for your name amongst her friends.

When you find out that a girl wanted to know who you are, and you find her attractive as well, this becomes the right time to get in touch with her.

You can get in touch with her in private or through friends to have a short conversation and get her number.

After getting in her number, you set up a date there and then or get her number and set up the date later.

You can also use this as one way of testing a girl’s interest in you to see if she is worth pursuing.

For example…

You meet an attractive girl who is by herself. 

What you can do to test her interest levels is by not telling her your name then wait to see if she will ask for it.

#6. Questions about where you come from.

Girls ask such questions to guys they like to know their background.

She would want to see whether the two of you have some commonalities.

She could be intrigued by the way you carry yourself, the way you dress and behave. Improve your dressing here because looks actually matter to women.

To create mystery and unpredictability, you may not have to answer such a question if it is a girl you have just met.

You can simply first ask her to guess and then build up from there.

#7. Questions about your preferences in girls.

Girls ask for such questions to see if they are fit to be your girlfriend.

They are indirectly trying to find out whether they have the qualities that you need in a woman.

This is also a sure sign that a girl wants to be just more than friends with you.

It is a sure sign because the girl is indirectly trying to qualify herself to you.

Therefore, you should always have a list of qualities and traits that you need in a girlfriend.

If a girl sees that you do not have standards, you will kill her attraction to you.

#8. Questions whether you have a girlfriend/married.

Shot of a young couple making out in the kitchen

This is another sure sign that a girl wants to be more than friends with you.

A girl will ask if you have a girlfriend/married when she has hopes of becoming exclusive with you shortly.

She does not want to go into fights with someone’s boyfriend or feel guilty about stealing some other girl’s boyfriend.

#9. Questions about your age.

Some girls put a lot of emphasis on a guy’s age. Some girls prefer dating guys who are a bit older than they are.

However, this doesn’t mean she won’t date you if you are younger than her or if you are age mates.

For purposes of not coming off as a predictable and boring guy, you may have to first ask her to guess your age.

If it’s a woman who is a bit older than you, this could be an opportunity to tease her.

You may say to her something like

Her: “By the way, how old are you?”

You: “Whatever it is, you seem too young for me. How old you?”

#10. Questions about who you live with.

Some girls will never ask you directly if you have a girlfriend or married.

One way of indirectly finding out is by asking you for the person/people you stay with.

She wants to indirectly know whether you are staying with your girlfriend or married.

She may raise a question about who you live with to see if you live alone or still stay with your parents.

She may also ask such kind of a question if she has some hopes of moving in with you in the future.

#11. Questions about your passions

A girl will want to know what makes you tick to find out what is special about you.

A girl would want to know more about your personality.

If she goes ahead and makes effort to show you how much she loves the same passions, it is an additional sign that the girl likes you.

#12. Other deeper questions a girl might ask you.

And you may need to come up with answers to the following questions.

They are also good questions that you can ask a girl.

  • What do you love to do for fun?
  • What is the most exciting moment you’ve ever had?
  • What is that one thing about you that other people would never guess?
  • Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Shit tests

What are shit tests?

They are negative statements a girl makes or actions she takes to test your confidence levels.

They are usually done by attractive girls who find you kinda desirable. Girls give shit tests to filter out less confident men.

A girl will only test you if she likes you. If she doesn’t like you, she will just ignore you.

So never feel frustrated or lose your cool because of a girl’s shit test.

If you do, guess what’s going to happen?

She’ll lose any attraction she had: because you’ve indicated a lack of self-confidence.

So how do you respond to a shit test?

  • Ignore it.
  • Agree and exaggerate it.
  • Give her a ridiculous answer.
  • Misinterpreting her question

Whatever way you respond, never show her that you are phased by her question

Here are common questions girls ask you to test your confidence and self-control

• Do you say that to all girls?

You: “I said it to 500 girls yesterday, you are the 600th girl today. Am planning to say it to 800 girls tomorrow”. (Agreed and exaggerated)

• Awww, are you upset? (After doing something to piss you off)

You: Yeah, am going to spend the whole week crying. (Agreed and exaggerated)

• Who gave you my number?

You: “My cousin. He works with satellites. He is seeing us right now” (Rediculous answer)

• Are you a player?

You: “No. I used to play soccer/hockey/basketball back then but I stopped” (Misinterpretation)


Girls use indirect communication to show their interest in a guy.

That’s why it can be confusing to tell if a girl likes you or not.

Therefore, some of the above questions have to be coupled with a variety of other signals of interest if you want to tell if the girl likes you.

The ultimate way of finding out if a girl likes you is by moving your interactions forward.

For example, if a girl you have just met asks for your name, you can move the interaction forward by asking for her contact and set up a date later.

What kind of questions do girls ask if they like you?

Asking for your opinion.

• Asking you to hang out.

Asking you for a favour.

Inviting you for social activity.

For your name.

Where you come from.

Preferences in girls.

If you have a girlfriend.

About your age.

Who you stay with.

About your passions.

Other deeper questions

I hope this article has helped you on how to identify the kind of questions girls who like you ask. (and hey, if you think it’s cool, I’d appreciate it if you’d share on social media.)

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