Be A Bad Boy Whom Girls Adore In 9 Ways

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You have been hearing lots of people say that girls prefer bad boys to nice guys.

So it kept you wondering how you can become a bad boy whom girls find attractive.

Well, you have hit a Jackpot because, in this article, I’m going to show you how to become a bad boy with simple psychological and behavioural tricks.

How do you become a bad boy? You become a bad boy not by being “bad”, but by developing certain bad boy traits that are attractive to girls.

If you want to become the bad boy that girls like, you have to develop traits like confidence, assertiveness, carefreeness, decisiveness, unpredictability, leadership, sense of humour and dominance.

You Shouldn’t Become A Jerk

When some nice guys realise that most hot girls do not find their behaviours attractive, they turn into the extreme – jerks

They turn into assholes.

What’s the problem with jerks?

Assholes or jerks are disrespectful and bossy.

They only date girls with low self-esteem and who have a lot of emotional problems.

Real bad boys are respectful and not bossy. So they date high-value girls who have a lot going on in their lives besides looks.

A high-value girl who is worth dating will never stay with a guy who is abusive, disrespectful and dishonest.

Bad Boy Attitude And Mindset

Becoming a bad boy has a lot to do with adopting the mindset and attitude of a  bad boy. Our attitudes and mindset determine our behaviours.

So if you can adopt the attitude of a bad boy, you will easily become one.

Here are the mindsets and attitudes of a bad boy

i) “I Care Less About What Others Think of Me”

Bad boys do not give a damn about what others think of them. So bad boys will often go after what they want.

So long as something is right and isn’t intended to hurt anyone, a bad boy will do it without seeking anybody’s approval and validation.

So you should start putting less focus on what others think of you. You should stop being a people pleaser.

You should stop seeking approval and validation whenever you feel like doing something you want.

Always catch yourself whenever you begin having thoughts like

  • “What will people think”
  • “My friends will think am weird”
  • “My neighbours will start talking about me”
  • “My girlfriend will not like it”

Besides, you can’t control what people think and how they feel. You can only control yourself and your actions.

Worrying about what people think of you is a complete waste of time. And a bad boy knows that.

ii) “Girls Find Me Attractive”

A bad boy always assumes that girls are attracted to him. This is even displayed in his behaviours and mannerisms.

Because of this attitude, the bad boy doesn’t need to impress girls. He is the prize, not the girl.

He believes that no girl is out of his league. So he doesn’t put girls on a pedestal. He treats hot girls just like how he treats any other person.

When most guys see a hot girl, they immediately change their behaviours. They start putting on a fake nice personality.

Bad boys never do that because they assume they are the prize.

This attitude and mentality make hot girls try to prove themselves to the bad boy.

So you should always assume that girls are attracted to you.

iii) “I Control My Perceptions of Reality”

A bad boy never allows himself to be trapped by dogma.

He does things because he believes they are the right and reasonable things to do.

He never does something just because it’s what everyone else is doing.

This is what makes bad boys successful leaders and entrepreneurs.

So you should control your perceptions of reality.

Have your own beliefs and think for yourself.

Do things because you believe they are right for humanity not because you have been told to.

If you find the homeless on the street, help them because you believe in helping not because it is what you see everyone else doing.

iv) “I’m In Control Of My Life”

Never allow yourself to be a victim of circumstance.

As a bad boy, you must work hard to improve your situation without waiting for your boss or the government or your parents to help you out.

Politicians can make you promises and make you believe that they can help you out from your bad situation but they often won’t.

All politicians want is your vote. You are the one who responsible for your destiny. No one else is.

You won’t live a life that is above average unless you take responsibility for your future.

There are several situations where I had to bring the best out of myself so that I could come out victorious out of “unfortunate” circumstances.

I have had wins in situations where the odds were against my success.

I won because I made myself believe that I had myself to blame if it didn’t come out of the situation victorious.

Studies show that self-made millionaires have an incredible internal locus of control.

They never let their circumstances dictate what they had to become.

Neither should you. Never let your height, background, social status or financial status stop you from approaching or getting attractive girls.

You should never let those “shortcomings” stop you from attracting hot girls.

Besides, you have seen lots of average guys attracting hot girls and then you see guys who you think are successful suck with girls.

Those “shortcomings” will only count if you think they do.

How To Become A Bad Boy Who Girls Like

Becoming a bad boy has everything to do with developing the following traits that are attractive to girls.

If you adopt the following bad-boy behaviours and the bad boy mentality, you will attract girls effortlessly and your interactions with people, in general, will improve.

Your life, in general, will improve. More and more people will start to like you and respect you.

#1. Be dominant.

Don’t misunderstand this. Being dominant has nothing to do with being douchey. It doesn’t mean that should go around barking and shouting at people.

It doesn’t mean that you should go around slapping girls or pushing people out of your way.

This will just make you look like a douchebag.

So what is dominance?

Dominance is social importance, that comes from assertiveness.

You show dominance by using your voice, your posture, your eyes and your behaviour in a respectful way

How can you signal dominance

i) Make strong eye contact.
Strong eye contact

The majority of guys are guilty of making weak eye contact with hot girls.

Eye contact is the number one non-verbal cue that tells girls you are dominant.

Whenever you make eye contact with a girl you should never break it until the girl looks away.

This is very important when you make eye contact with a girl for the first time and if you are talking to the girl.

When you break eye contact very fast, you communicate weakness and low value.

However, when the girl is doing the talking, you may need to break eye contact once in a while to build comfort and likeability.

But there is no limit on how much eye contact you need to make when you are the one doing the talking.

The more eye contact you make while talking, the more dominant you are perceived to be by the person who is listening.

However, you will have to break eye contact once in a while when you are listening.

ii) Speak slow

Another indicator of dominance is your voice. Bad boys are perceived as dominant because they speak slow.

If you speak too fast, it gives off an impression to girls and people in general that you are less confident, nervous and anxious.

You should also speak with a cutting voice and not afraid to interrupt others. Your voice should also be loud and clear.

Speaking with a soft voice is unattractive.

Girls themselves speak with a soft, quiet voice so any guy will look less attractive whenever he does it. 

Why? Because it gives off the impression that you are not assertive.

iii) Open up your body

You should avoid closed postures. Girls find bad boys attractive because they spread their arms and legs which makes their body open.

You should avoid postures like holding your hands in front of your body. This sub communicates weakness and fear.

iv) Walk slowly as your normal walk

Bad boys walk slowly. As if they are in control of time. Your walk should be fluid and intentional.

You need to take shoulder wide steps. Avoid fast and short steps. You will look girly if do.

Unless you are hurrying somewhere, you should walk slowly as your normal walk.

Just like a mature male lion. You are not in a rush and no one is chasing you.

When you are walking through a room full of people, instead of walking so fast which communicates nervousness you should instead walk slowly.

That is how the company CEO walks through a room full of his subordinates.

He walks with dominance. If you want to be perceived as dominant, you need to walk slowly.

v) Have a straight posture
Body postures

You need to avoid slouched postures. Avoid walking while looking down. It shows a lack of confidence, weakness and shame.

Have you ever noticed how players walk after losing a match or after being sent off the field by the ref?


If you walk with a slouched posture, you will be subconsciously telling girls that you are a loser and not dominant.

You should always walk with your head high and with your shoulders back.

Just like bad boys who are winners and dominant. Never walk like a loser if you do not want girls to treat you like one.

vi) Hold your gaze

When you are speaking, you should avoid shifting your eyes back and forth.

You should let your eyes settle and gaze at the person’s face during a conversation.

It shows that what you are saying is important and worth listening to.

v) Turn your head slowly when someone calls your name.

You must avoid turning your head very fast if someone needs your attention.

If do, it shows that what you are doing is less important.

It shows that you are seeking validation and approval from the person who is calling you.

So if anyone needs your attention, you should take your time while responding.

Turn your head slowly and in a relaxed way.

vii) You should touch girls and people in general

Bad boys are not afraid to touch people. So you should make it a habit to touch people.

However, your touch should be gentle and not forced. You should not make your touch look like a big deal.

For example, when touching a girl you shouldn’t look at your hand while touching her.

You want your touch to feel natural. Touching people will start feeling natural to you with practice.

You can start incorporating touch in your conversations with random people like children and your friends.

If you start feeling comfortable with touching random people, you can now start incorporating touch in your conversations with girls.

You can touch girls during high points in your conversations like when she laughing at your witty statement.

You can also touch the girl when you are emphasising a point.

Touch will help you build something very important at attracting girls, emotional connection.

Vii) Be straight up

Dominant people speak their mind and are straight to the point. So you should always avoid beating around the bush by using long sentences.

For example, if a girl or any other person does something that makes you feel uncomfortable, you should let them know straight up.

Let them know without explaining yourself.

If you start explaining yourself, it shows that you do not believe in what you are standing up for.

So you should keep your communications short and straight to the point.

This is also super important if you are interacting with your girlfriend.

If she does something that you do not like, you let her know without explaining why you are right and why she is wrong.

Viii) Do not try to one-up people to prove you’re smart

This is a behaviour associated with jerks or assholes. They engage in pointless arguments just to prove that they are smarter than everyone else.

Trying to one-up someone shows that you are of low value. It shows that you care too much about what others think of you.

A confident bad boy will never try to prove that he is smarter than everyone else.

There is a billionaires’ saying which goes “you do not have to be smartest. You just have to employ and work with people who are smarter than you are”. It happens to be true.

#2. Be decisive.

When you make a decision, make it very fast and do not change your mind quickly, if not at all.

Decisiveness is an attractive trait because it shows leadership.

So you should get into the habit of making fast decisions.

If you want to approach a girl, do it without hesitation. If you want to ask a girl out, do not overthink it.

Hesitation and procrastination are signs of low self-confidence.

They show that you do not believe in yourself.

If you believe that what you are doing is right and not meant to hurt anybody, you

should go ahead and do it.

You will perfect your actions as you move on.

#3. Be unpredictable.

There nothing more boring than when a girl can predict every next move you will make.

You have to keep the girl and people around you guessing.

You have to shake up your daily routine from time to time so that girls do not know what you are about to do next.

It will also make your life fun and exciting. It will help you to come up with new ways of doing things.

The main reason girls do not like dating nice guys is that nice guys are boring because of being predictable.

For example, the girl knows the nice will always be available when she needs him.

She knows that he will do almost anything to make her happy. She knows that whenever she calls or texts him, the nice guy will respond.

A girl will never know exactly what a bad boy will do next.

He may leave abruptly in the middle of a fun conversation and she won’t be sure whether he will reply to her text immediately or not.

The bad boy won’t always be available when she wants to hang out.

Above all the bad boy has the most powerful weapon that any man can have, he is always willing to walk away from a girl.

So the girl knows that it is not a must that the bad boy will stay with her. Be unpredictable and you will look attractive.

#4. Be unreactive.

Bad boys are unreactive because they care less about what others think of them. They are not phased by petty things.

This doesn’t mean that you should be a douchebag, and not care about anyone else and only care about yourself.

It means that you should never waste a lot of your time on things you can’t control like other people’s feelings and thoughts.

For example, if you are watching soccer and someone says that soccer sucks in front of your face, the worst thing you can do is to start an argument.

If someone says anything to get a reaction out of you, do not let it happen.

You have to remain cool, calm and collected. If you become reactive, you will have entered into the other person’s reality.

It will show that you are bothered by what they think of you.

And this is not attractive because it shows a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem.

However, if someone keeps messing up with your life, you will need to stand up for yourself.

#5. Be carefree

Girls find bad boys incredibly sexy because of their carefreeness. Bad boys never take themselves too seriously.

They never take life too seriously. Because of this girls find themselves feeling comfortable around bad boys.

Nice guys are guilty of taking themselves and girls way too seriously.

So when a girl does some petty drama or gives a nice guy a shit test, the nice guy takes the girls actions too seriously by becoming overly logical about it.

You should get into the habit of not taking yourself too seriously. Girls do not like spending time with uptight guys.

This is even more important to you as an individual besides attracting girls. You should make most of your interactions with people fun and lighthearted.

It will help you make lots of friends. You will become more likeable. Girls will want to spend time with you.

Be carefree and you will feel happy.

#6. Work out


Working out will help you in a ton of different ways.

  • It will make you look good.
  • You will improve your health.
  • You will feel more confident because you will have more testosterone in your body.
  • Your chances of developing stress and depression will reduce.

All these effects of exercise will make you feel generally more confident like a bad boy.

#7. Dress well

A man who's dressed well like a bad boy

Dressing well will make you feel confident like a bad boy. You should start with clothes that fit you very well and that match.

Avoid baggy clothes that make you look like you are in the 60s.

You can check out cool clothes here. I highly recommend that you do check it out because it will improve your looks tremendously.

#8. Create a life that you enjoy.

Bad boys are always constantly creating an awesome life. A life that is worth living. A life they like.

They go after what they want without seeking anybody else’s approval and validation.

This makes girls like bad boys so much because they want to be part of the bad boy’s exciting life.

Above all, the bad boy never treasures the girl above his goals in life.

Nice guys often do the opposite.

When a nice guy gets a hot girl, he immediately turns the girl into the centre of his life.

Later he starts to become clingy and needy. This makes the girl lose attraction to him.

Sooner or later, the girl eventually dumps the nice guy or the hot girl stays in the relationship but she carries the balls in the relationship.

So you must actively create a life that you want. You must create priorities in your life.

So that if you get a hot girlfriend or if you already have one, you know what to prioritize.

How can create an awesome life?

  • Create new hobbies.
  • Become better at your hobbies. It will increase your confidence.
  • Create more friends and increase your social circle.
  • Hang out with family or friends.
  • Practice meditation.
  • Exercise regularly. It will increase improve your health and increase your confidence.
  • Pursue your goals. Work more on business/career. You will get more money. More money can increase your attractiveness.

#9. Practice positive affirmations.

The biggest part of becoming a bad boy is about having the right mindset and abandoning the wrong mindset.

When your mindset changes, your behaviours will easily change.

However, the reverse may also be true, but a bit more difficult than the latter.

The best way of shifting your mindset is through the constant use of affirmations.

Basically what you need to do is to follow these three steps

Step One: Choose concise positive words.

Step Two: Then repeat those words at least 120 times a day whilst visualising them.

Step Three: As you visualise those words, feel them. If you do not feel your visualisations, the whole process won’t work. Your subconscious will take up your affirmations only if they are mixed with emotions or feelings.

One of the main reasons why we turn into simps rather than bad boys is because we keep repeating negative statements and affirmations to ourselves every day and all day.

As if that’s not bad enough, we effortlessly feel these negative statements as we say them to ourselves. So they enter deep into our subconscious.

The more you repeat a statement to yourself along with visualising it and feeling it, whether good or bad, the more you believe it.

And the more you believe a statement, the more it will present itself in your behaviours and your life.

Bad affirmations you must eliminate and/or substitute with good ones include;

  • “Oooh, I’m such a loser”
  • “I hate my life”
  • “I will never succeed”
  • “I’m bewitched”
  • “I’m cursed”
  • “Beautiful girls will never like me”
  • “All girls are the same”
  • “She is out my league. She won’t like me”

Some affirmations that helped me change my attitude and keep helping me to improve and motivate myself;

  • “I love my life”
  • “I am in control of my life”
  • “Beautiful girls find me irresistible”
  • ” I am a winner”
  • “My life is exciting”
  • “I go after things I want”
  • “I am fun and unpredictable”

#10. Stand up for yourself

A man standing up for himself
Two friends arguing on the street.

Though I said that you should stay calm and in control whenever someone tries to mess up with you, there are situations where you will need to stand up for yourself.

A bad boy never allows himself to get bullied. He never allows anyone to violate his boundaries.

However, you should not always start useless fights, as I said.

Always engaging in useless fights is a sign of low value. This is also a low values trait that jerks possess.

Final thoughts

If you find yourself messing up with any of the above, do not beat yourself up because no one is perfect.

For example, if you are talking to a girl and eventually find yourself not making eye contact, let it go and keep the conversation going.

With time, through practice and perseverance, everything will come naturally.

Finally, when you become a bad boy your life will improve in a ton of different ways.

How to be a bad boy;

• Be dominant.

• Be decisive.

• Be unpredictable.

• Be unreactive.

• Be carefree

• Work out

• Dress well

• Create a life that you enjoy.

Practice positive affirmations.

I hope this article has helped you    (and hey, if you think it’s cool, I’d appreciate it if you’d share it on social media.)

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