Should You Flirt With A Girl On Your First Date? Know This!!

  If you have gone out on a date with a girl you will, and should, make sure that; The girl feels attracted to you so that she will be down to hang out with you on a second date. You build an emotional connection with the girl during your first date. Communicate (non-verbally) to … Read more

A Place You Can Meet A Lot Of Hot Women Today – With Little Competition!

A group of hot girls

One of the best ways of succeeding in dating or getting a girlfriend is having an abundance mentality. What I mean is that you have to realise that there are plenty of pretty women out there to choose from. There is one problem a lot of guys face: they lack an abundance mentality. So many … Read more

When Should You Touch Her On A First Date – Don’t Screw It Up!

  Hi Yo? You’re preparing to hang out with that cute girl on your first date. But, you’re asking yourself the following questions; • “When should I touch the girl without making it look awkward?” • ” How do I know when it’s appropriate to touch the girl?” Well, that’s what this article is going … Read more

Is It Ok To Have Your First Tinder Meet- Up At Your Place?

  Hi bro! So, you matched with a girl on Tinder, you texted back and forth for a couple of days and exchanged contacts. You brought up the idea of meeting up, and she was ok with meeting at your house. Should you let a girl you met online at your house for the first … Read more

Know What To Talk About With Her On Your First Tinder Date

A man talking to a woman she finds attractive

  If you’re like most guys, you will probably be making the following mistakes during your conversations on your first tinder date; • Engaging in a lot of small talk. • Bragging and trying to impress the girl. • Acting awkward in moments of silence. • Running out of things to talk about with the … Read more

Can You Stop Girls From Rejecting You

“Learn this one technique and you’ll never ever get rejected by the women you want ever again!” Hi Friend. Do those words sound familiar? I bet they do. They are words of someone who is trying to sell you a magic pill. Anyway… Can You Stop Girls From Rejecting You? No! There is no way … Read more

Will You Still Have A Chance If A Girl Rejects You

Hi friend! You approached a girl, and she blew you off. Or… You manned up and asked a girl out, but she was like… “Thank you for asking, but I just like you as a friend.” Or she just left you on red a.k.a she never replied. So, bro! If A Rejects You Is There … Read more

Should You Ignore The Girl Who Has Rejected You

A man standing close to a woman with flowers

You: Hello Jenifer. Her: Hi Martin. You: I’m going to grab coffee this evening. I would love it if you join me. Her: Sorry. I’m busy. You: When are you free? I often have it every Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday evening. Her: ‘No response’ Has that ever happened to you? I bet it has! It … Read more